Rise - Teams

Mar 05, 2021


Our team includes multiple team members utilizing Rise 360. Excluding the option to add all team members as course managers or collaborators to each course, is there a method to put Rise 360 courses in a shared space to be accessible by all?


  • How can the team perform maintenance on Rise 360 courses when the actual course is owned by a specific team member?
  • What would be the method for managing Rise 360 courses when we lose a team member?

Please let me know your thoughts!

Thank you!



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Meg Bertapelle

OOOH YES! we need to do this for a course template! :)

Currently, our plan is to make 1 account the owner of all shared content, and then have that account share with whoever needs access to the course/template. This is, of course, less ideal than having a shared access area for the whole team! You can do shared BLOCK templates, but I don't think you can do an entire course that way - which would be awesome :)

Alyssa Gomez

Great questions, Anthony! It sounds like having a shared courses folder would be really helpful for your team. Thank you for that feature request!

In the meantime, adding collaborators is the best way to give several authors access to one course. And if someone leaves your team, you'll have the option to transfer their content to someone else, as Meg mentioned!