Rise to PDF - formatting issues (content cut off and lots of blank spaces)


I'm not sure whether this is an issue following the recent problems relating to generating PDFs from Rise, but it appears that content (such as interactions and pictures) appear to be cropped across pages and there is a lot of white space in the generated file.

We wanted to use the PDFs as the basis of handouts which accompany the course, so we need them to look fairly professional. However, this issue is causing us a few problems at the moment.

Any advice please? We go live with our course next week so it's relatively urgent.

Thanks so much!

PS: I really love this feature- so easy to generate PDFs! The above is the only issue.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anu,

The export to PDF will break the content over pages, and that has caused some oddities that our team has been looking into. So good news, it wasn't introduced with the issue earlier this week, but bad news, it's still occurring in your Rise exports. 

You may be able to correct text size and page break issues by editing the exported course in Adobe Acrobat Pro.

I also linked this discussion to the existing issues our team is looking into, so I'll keep you posted here with any other updates!