Rise Versioning

Hi Heroes,

For maintenance purposes, is there a place in a Rise course where I can identify versions of the file (not the title)? Wondering what kind of process others are using. This would be in cases of an annual update cycle, etc. where you want to be able to identify and save files pre and post updates.  

Looking forward to your thoughts on it.



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Tammy Knoll-Anderson

Hi Tom,

Thanks! I think that will work, but I like to have a backup system to avoid confusion or mistakes.  For instance, in SL I add a version text box to the intro slide and hide it. I was looking for something like a comment field in Settings that doesn't display. I was thinking I might have overlooked a feature somewhere. 

Julie Kenney

Yes this is definitely needed.  You end up with loads of files especially in a Team setting.  For Legal purposes we need to keep one version of a course, but we do need to do maintenance and we can change the legally approved course.  This is hard to manage and then if you have to do translations.....

Amy Hengst

Versioning is needed as well, to manage content you may delete and want to restore. After the pause of our business due to COVID we wrote some content that I'm revising this year -- and after deleting several blocks realized they may need to be reworked rather than deleted. Instead of recreating this content by painstakingly copying over from Rise published versions it would be great to be able to go back step by step or restore an older version. This is especially dangerous for files people may need to save for compliance, and time consuming. Either we have to copy the whole course for an old version or save block templates of everything.... Please fix as both the need for "Undo" and versioning have been reported many times over the years. Thank you.