Save image from Rise course to computer

Hi Everyone, 

I want to use an image from one of my older Rise courses in a new Storyline course (SL2), but I can't find the original image file.  I have a copy embedded in the Rise course.  Is there anyway to "Save as" an (original - not content library) image from Rise authoring version of course?

Thanks Christine

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Christine Hounsham

Hi Leslie,

I couldn't see this option.  Silly me - I realised its because I was trying to save an image from a "Text on Image" block.  I duplicated block, changed it to "centred image" and was then able to right click - save as.  For info of anyone else who may find this in the future. 

Thanks for your help.  Ta Christine 

Renz Sevilla

Hi Dominik! Thanks for reaching out! 

Here's a bit of a hacky-way of doing this if you're using Google Chrome

Peek video here

  • Go to the Course Preview
  • Right-click the cover photo > Inspect Element
  • On the elements window look for `<div class="overview__side-panel"  Click that section
  • Then on the right side > Element Styles > 
    Right-click > { background-image: url(
    > Open in New Tab
    Save the image in the new tab by Right-Clicking > Save Image as...

    Hope that helps!