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Ned Whiteley

HI Annica,

Although it would be great to be able to download your own characters to a Rise scenario block, at present I don't think it is possible to do so. However, there is a bit of a workround that you can use if you need to.

Set up your scenario using one of the supplied characters and, once complete, export your course for web use. If you now look at the folders that are produced by the export, you will see all the character images in the assets folder. All you now need to do is to replace the original character images with your new ones -- make sure you use the original file names as your course relies on those in order to call up the right image when required.

What you will also have to do is to check the size of the original characters (hover over them in Windows Explorer) to ensure that your own characters match the ones you are replacing.

Once you have done this, if you then run your course from your new web export folder you will find that the scenario block should be using your new characters.

Hope this helps.