Set browser size when course runs

Hi, is there a way to pre-set the browser size of a Rise course for when it plays? Right now my Rise course plays on the full screen. I'd prefer it to display using the learner's current browser size.  I know Storyline can do this, but haven't found the option in Rise.

It's running through an LMS and tested on IE and Firefox browsers.



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Cindy.  Your LMS might have settings where you can determine the launch behavior of your Rise course.  Typically you can choose if it launches in a new window, or in the same frame.  If it launches in the new window, you might also be able to choose the size of the window.  Here are a couple of examples:



What LMS are you using?  Some other community folks may have experience with that platform and offer options!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Cindy, 

I'm not incredibly familiar with Success Factors, but keep in mind with Rise it's inherently responsive so your content should be resizing to match the available browser space and device. 

It's possible that may be restricted if the LMS is placing content inside an iFrame or has an independent restriction on sizing. Have you reached out to your LMS admin to see if they had other info to offer?