Setting a Learning Path with embeeded contents

Hello guys! Thanks in advance for your time.

We have a situation...

When designing a lesson, there are some embeeded resources which I wanna force users to interact with before move on to the next ones.

The sequence that I've set, is as follows:

1. Embeeded block: an interactive infography designed in Genially which gives at the end a keyword.

2. Knowledge check, where users ought to type the keyword itself in order to habilitate...

3. A continue block, set to allowing advance only if "complete the block directly above".

Issue: Noticed that users can advance even if they type a mistaken keyword and without even being necessary doing the Genially.

Is there a chance to change things up so the block will be effective? And most important, to force users to play this type of resources before moving forward on the lessons?

Appreciate all your help and guidance.


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Crystal Horn

Hi there Jennypher! 

The continue button requires that users interact with a knowledge check block, but because those blocks are meant for learning and not grading, whether they get it right doesn't impact the block's completion. Here are a couple of alternative ideas:

I hope that helps.