Setting Global Font Color in RISE

I apologize if I missed any existing posts on this topic.

I am wondering if there is a way to set font color globally in RISE for paragraph text.  It seems to default to a grey color, which isn't enough contrast for us.

To avoid the laborious task of having to manually change that for each text block, is there a way to designate this to apply globally?

I only see the option in Theme settings to set the contrast color and font.  Not seeing anywhere you can designate the color for paragraph text.

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Tom Kuhlmann

Currently there isn't a way to globally set the text color. However, it's easy enough to do it using the templates blocks, which essentially could act as a global setting. 

Create the text blocks you want and set them to the colors you prefer. Then set as a template block. Anytime you need that, you can insert the block and you're all set.

Here's a quick video that shows how.

Kate Stefanakos

Ran into this issue today. This seems like a very basic functionality, and it's odd that there's not a way to set a default global text color. Yes, the workaround above works, but for something as simple as global text color, there shouldn't have to have one. And having to make Block Templates for every unique block I make is annoying. 

Learning Design

I agree.  That solution doesn't really work. We've been doing that on a large project and often when you paste over the text it comes out in a different colour.  It creates lots of extra hours checking and changing. You would really expect this to be addressed ages ago.  It's even more difficult for us as the font colour is slightly different from the default black.  Very frustrating.  Please can we raise another change request for this.  Thanks.