Space issue in tab blocks in Rise 360

May 11, 2021

Dear Rise experts,

How to fix a space issue in tab blocks in Rise 360?

Do tabs have limited text capacity?

I attach an image for your attention.

No matter how I edit, when I publish it is still like in the attached image.

Appreciate your tips,


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Renz Sevilla

Hi Tamila! Thanks for reaching out! Could you help us out with a couple of details so we can narrow thing down:

- Is this happening when editing straight into the Rise 360 text editor or was this content pasted from elsewhere into Rise 360?
- Where are you viewing this published content, PDF, Web, LMS or Review 360?

Tamila Lazun

Hi Renz,

I edit in Rise 360 text editor and then I published the course and placed it on LMS (Moodle platform). I viewed the published content in Rise Review first before I uploaded it to LMS and in both a spacing issue wasn't fixed.

Does it help to understand the issue?

Thank you,