Storyline Blocks Embed Storyline 360 Courses in Rise

Jul 19, 2021

I am using a Storyline block in a Rise course to embed content I built in Storyline. When I preview the Rise course, content after the Storyline block doesn't load. I do not have a Continue button in place, just a regular Note. Any suggestions?

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Rob Craig

For additional clarification -- the Continue Block below the Storyline content requires participants to complete the Block directly above (STORYLINE content). After completing the Storyline activity, the Continue Block does not permit continuation of the course. I believe the trigger in the Storyline content is not set properly, however, I am unaware as to what triggers the release.

Chino Navarro

Thanks for letting me know that you have a locked continue button after the Storyline block. For the Storyline block to register as complete, the learner must fulfill the course completion requirements of the Storyline interaction. When you publish the Storyline course to Review 360, you can set the completion requirements by clicking on tracking.

Here is a sample screenshot:

You can then choose if the completion requirement is slides viewed, when a learner completes a quiz, or a complete course trigger.

If the completion requirement is slides viewed, you need to make sure that the learner will be able to view the required percentage of slides in the interaction.

If the completion requirement is a quiz, you need to make sure the learner can take the quiz and view the results slide of the course. The results slide is what triggers the interaction to submit the learner's overall score, thus registering the quiz as complete.

If the completion requirement is a trigger, you need to make sure that the learner can activate the course completion trigger. Let me know if you have any questions about this.  

If you have the correct course completion requirement and the learner is able to complete the requirement, but the continue button still doesn't activate, feel free to open a case here. We would love to take a closer look and see what is causing the issue.