Text in image compression still an issue

Apr 15, 2021

Hi, I'm created a course on how to use MS Teams and this relies on quite a few screenshot marker activities, the problem is the compression on images makes text very blurry. I have tried adding _NOPROCESS_ to the image name as suggested in another post but looking at the new image load in there is no difference. If I open the image natively on my computer it is noticeably sharper. I think if there was an option to control compression or a 'prioritise text' function this would very beneficial. Is there any way to preserve text resolution on images in Rise?

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Renz Sevilla

Hi Henry! Sorry to hear you're having trouble with images in Rise. Is this for the Labeled Graphic Block? If it's alright with you, could we please take a look at the image file you're having trouble with?

You can submit a case here and attach the image file and the result you're seeing, along with browser details to show us what's happening so we can help!