Theme color in Rise for URLs

I love the new themes, but when I add links to URLs, that text is the accent color selected for the theme. Our accent colors are often light, so this text is unreadable on screen once I add the link. I can select the text, and the text settings box comes up, but though I choose black, the text remains the accent color. Am I missing something simple, I hope?

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Carrie Eaton since the text was already black, the default color for the text, I just applied the link, and it turned the light accent color.

Per your suggestion, I selected the text, formatted it black (which it already was), and then added the link.

So now the text is black/readable, and the link is active However, the the underline indicating to the learner that it's a link is still the light accent color so not noticeable, and if I select that text now, my only choices are to edit or unlink the way to add an underline....?

Carrie Eaton

Aha, need to do all the edits first. Somehow this doesn't seem intuitive to me...seems like the formatting that it's a link, ie underlining, should happen when I insert the link. And the color of the text should be editable.

So I guess really my question is more about how the accent color is  used in a theme and when/where/if it can be over-ridden.

But then it's Friday afternoon, so my 'intuitive' is probably pretty thin right now! ;-)

Thanks for your help, Karl. Have a good weekend