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Hi, I added a new course in Rise yesterday. Today I have the option to adjust the theme in a new Theme tab. This is fine but I seem to have lost the ability to do this in the old courses that I have. When I click on settings to adjust how things look e.g. logo, colours etc I now don't have the option to do so. In settings, all I have now is this. See attached. Can someone advise on how to find the theme to make adjustments on the older courses now? Thanks


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Anthony Karcz

Hi, Nicola! Most of the navigation and design settings that were previously in the Settings menu are now included in the Theme menu. We go into detail on the new menu options in this KB article

If you don't see the Theme menu for those other courses, it's likely because you're not the course owner. Currently, only course owners can access the Theme menu. We'll be restoring that functionality for course managers in a future release.

However, if you are the course owner and still aren't seeing the Theme menu, then our Support Team can take a look. You can submit a case here.

Let me know if this clears things up!

Nicola Parr

Thanks - I wondered if it was because I was a course manager, not a course owner. I've asked the course owners to take a look to make sure they can see the new Theme option.

Do you have a timescale for the release to incorporate the functionality for course managers? I'm currently working on a re-branding project across all our courses. It's going to be delayed if I can't see the themes on the courses.

Thanks Nicola


Anthony Karcz

Hey there! Even though you're now seeing a pre-selected course image on the cover page, that image isn't used anywhere in your course unless you select a theme that uses a cover image.

When you preview the course or view the share link, you'll notice that your course cover page still looks the same as it did before! The only difference is, you'll see the pre-selected image on the course card. Feel free to change that image to something that makes sense for your course! 

Here are a few screenshots to help explain what I mean:

1. The pre- selected image appears on course main menu page during editing:

2. The image does not appear on the course itself (unless you select a theme that uses it):

3. The image appears on course card on the main Rise 360 dashboard:

Crystal Horn

Hi everyone! Thank you again for your honest feedback. We've made changes to the cover page behavior that was released with the new Theme features.

Course cards on your dashboard will reflect the option you've selected for your cover page layout. We've also removed the cover image from the outline when editing your course.

This means that if you've selected an option without an image, you won't see any cover image we've suggested on your course cards. I hope this helps, and please let us know how else the new Theme features are working out for you!

(edited to note that we've removed images from the course outline entirely, regardless if they're selected in the cover page layout)

Hazel Bartolome

Thank you everyone for your honest feedback! We just released a fix to allow course managers to also edit Themes! 

Note: Edits you make in the theme or settings menus can potentially override another user’s. Make sure to coordinate with your team so that you’re not modifying a course simultaneously.

Please let us know how else the new Theme features are working out for you!