Undo Function in RISE

Dec 05, 2018

Any further word on recovering blocks that are accidentally deleted?  I am creating my first RISE course and I'm astounded that there doesn't seem to be a way to "undo" a mistake...a function that is common to virutally EVERY program out there!  Thanks...

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Erika Kuczysnki

I am really surprised this doesn't have a resolution as I found a similar post from three years ago. Maybe it could ask if I am sure before deleting whole blocks? I just went to delete a skinny divider but accidently deleted an entire block of text below it that I just spent days fine tuning. This seems like a basic function and a mistake that probably happens frequently. I deleted a block once before when trying to move it up the page. Luckily it was a small one that was easy to recreate. 

Cherese Collins

Yes I wish Undo would stay up longer. I deleted a section by accident yesterday as I had my Rise page open at the same time as a Zoom meeting.


Do not do this :)


My finger hit the wrong thing as I was in my Zoom window, and somehow a block disappeared. :(.

Can ya'll create a back button like in Office 365. OR keep undo up for like 60 seconds. 


Please please please create this!!!!!

Liz Johnston

Just checking to see if anyone has any tips or updates on how to recover an entire lesson. I used a template to start my first RISE course and was trying to delete the excess lessons. When you delete one the screen updates and moves your courses down so I absent-mindedly deleted a course that I had spent several hours on. Incredibly frustrating!

Les Howles

Yes. this is terrible!!!  Just lost an hours worth of work.  If there is an undo button that appears it must be under 5 sec. in length.  I hit control Z almost right away and nothing happened. Seems it would be easy for programmers to set the undo time out a little longer -- like 3 sec.

For me this is an urgent and essential feature request.

Lily Collison

Having only a few seconds to undo a delete is a terrible design flaw and improving that needs to be a top priority. If this many people have reported/requested it, imagine all the people who don't follow up on it, and who perhaps switch to another platform that doesn't force them to redo hours of work after an easy-to-make error.

Davin dmclaird@expediagroup.com

There has to be a better way.  Putting an undo button on the screen for mere moments after the accidental delete does not seem like a solution.  You probably would not even realize that you need to undo it until after the button is gone.   Count my vote with every other user who wants a solution!