URGENT, HELP NEEDED: Embedding SCORM on a Google Site or Hosting

Feb 09, 2023

None of my previous posts seem to be getting traction, but I'm hoping someone can help me figure out a cheap or free way to embed a web-export SCORM file either onto a Google Site or host it somewhere else so it's accessible to teams that work with my company but cannot access my company's LMS.

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Karin Rex

Tim: There is no such export option as web-export SCORM file. Since you don't want to use your LMS, you will need to export to Web. This will create a .zip package that can be installed on your web server. Check out this Peek screencast that Justin made explaining how you can get your Rise content on your website. (Note that the recording is a little old -- the Web export option just says Web now.) Hope this helps.

Tom Kuhlmann

If you can't get access to a basic webserver at work, you can host on a service like Amazon S3 or Google/Microsoft. Those are mostly free to very low-cost.

I have pCloud account which is kind of like Dropbox and they have a public folder which kind of works like a webserver. The link above has some demos.