Using image blocks to vary transition design

Feb 21, 2022

I saw an article that suggested creating custom images to vary the transition from block to block. Usually, it's a hard horizontal line. I saw an example of a lesson using a wavey line.

I created an image, put 0px padding, and the transition looks huge compared to the example I saw.

I tried changing the dimensions of an image a few times to see if that made a difference-it didn't. Any recommendations on how to make the block height lower?
I ended up inserting a "subtitle" on the image block to help fill out the space between the blocks, but it's still massive IMO compared to the example I saw.

(Example course:
(I used 1200px by 200 px for my dimesnsions.)

Attached: My example and the example of the linked course.

See how close their wave is to their text? I can't seem to achieve that.

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Simon Smith

The example image is 1999px191px. And it's sitting underneath a quote block.

Rise keeps a buffer for responsive layouts. It's really a LOT of trial and error to get things looking right, and you need to be designing for the optimum screen size for your users. 

Personally I would suggest:

  • Download the image from the test course and try to replicatate it exactly.
  • Check the padding-bottom on the text block too.
  • See how it looks on different screen widths.

I did a quick throw together and it looks pretty close to the example course.