Why does Rise file size increase when using SMALLER VIDEOS?

Aug 12, 2021

Hello, I have a large course, that is roughly 160,422 KB when zipped. It contains video blocks. It would not upload to our LMS, so I reduced the file size of my MP4s by HALF.  I updated the video blocks using the "edit, replace video" method. When I zipped it up again, the file size grew to 163,967 KB. Next, I tried it again, this time deleting the video block, and inserting a new video block. (same ones, just thought it may help by starting fresh). Zipped it again, and file size grew to 164,036 KB. Why is the file size increasing, rather than decreasing? 

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Hazel Bartolome

Hi Helen!

If your original video file has a low resolution and low audio and video bitrate, Rise 360 will increase the resolution and bitrate to improve video playback. This will result in a larger video file size when you export the Rise 360 course.

Here is a link for Best Practices for Images, Videos, and Audio in Rise Courses

Helen Fuller

Thanks Hazel! I came to find out that the main reason my file was so large in the first place, was because I had simulations in there as blocks, and when I was searching the zip package and sorting by file size, to identify the largest pieces, I did not realize that the sims are in another folder, therefore not displaying when I was trying to figure out why it was so big. I had not looked at this course for a while, and forgot about the sims. All is well now. Good to know about the videos too.  That explains why the file kept growing in size, when I was reducing video size, thinking that was my issue!