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Loren Rothmann

I am hoping it will be available soon as well. Also struggling to import
XLIFF files since my translator uses SDL Trados 2019. (Rowie is researching

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Thor Melicher

HEROWORDCOUNT has been updated with improved word counting for Rise 360.

Here's what you do:

  1. Export your XLIFF file.
  2. Download and run the free app from the Microsoft Store:  
  3. Select your file and then get the word count.

HEROWORDCOUNT works for both Rise 360 and Storyline.

Some notes:

  • Storyline courses will vary on word count because slide names, scenes, etc. are included in the word count
  • Storyline courses will *not* count closed caption files as they're not accessible in how they're stored
  • For Rise 360, this method *should* be faster to get a count as you won't have to wait for the export to PDF. It also counts your answer-based feedback in quiz questions.
Justin Seeley

It’s ridiculous that there are so many disjointed workarounds to make Rise do the most basic things. Every answer In these forums is “thanks, we’ll add it to the list” and then silence. The public roadmap they’ve shared literally has like 3 things on it that are in development, and none of those mean anything to most teams I know. The market is ripe for disruption here!