Here's a fresh and simple single-slide interaction. It's perfect for walking learners through a process, step-by-step. 

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Make this download your own by swapping out the Content Library stock images and changing the colors of the drawing shapes and buttons. This project uses the free font Lato in a bold and a light stroke.


Rob Puricelli
Trina Rimmer
Trina Rimmer

Hi Carlye. This project is made with PowerPoint and PowerPoint doesn't have the concept of states for objects. For instance, a button in PowerPoint doesn't have a normal state and hover state unless you create copies of it on different slides. Thankfully in Storyline 360, you can add states to objects like custom buttons. So if you're importing this download into Storyline 360, you can use the included asset slide to create your own custom states for objects like buttons, for instance, and then add those button images as object states in Storyline. You can learn more about object states in this article if you're curious: You might also want to check out this article from Nicole on cool ... Expand