Alphonso Hendricks
Adriana Bertolani
Adriana Bertolani

Hi Tassanee, It's a great idea. First: You can create a new state in the letters that are selected, and until a button is clicked, the solution doesn't appear, the ones that are OK, they would be in the correct state and the others would return to the normal state. You can have the button disappear once you have clicked a certain number of times. Second: Regarding the score, it can be done, you should have a numeric variable that takes the value of the Score of the student of the results page. Then it should add a value to this variable that, with conditions, it can make it different in function if it has gotten it in the first or second attempt. Once this is done, you should reference that variable on the slide. Probably we will try to do this, once we have it. We will sh... Expand

Cody Messmore
Adriana Bertolani
Shevi Yuval
Anna Rabassó

Hi Shevi, You need to have as many variables of text as words you have in the game. In our case is “Sopa1, Sopa2...”. As we need to indicate the learner that has selected correctly the letters, we can only do it this way: first with a states change from the first and last letters of the word and with a variable adjustment. So, for example, if the first and last letters of the word are selected, the variable “sopa1” will change its valor to “palabra1”. Here we adjust the variable, set “sopa1” to “palabra1” when the state of the first and last letters are selected. This “adjust the variable” will make the state of the word change in the text box placed in the right and that the rest of the letters changes the state to correct. As you can see in the project, there’s one trigger for... Expand