This interactive résumé was created in Rise 360 and uses a variety of block types to highlight work history, education, portfolio, and more. 

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N Tatone
Nicole Legault
Andrew Ferguson

Interesting to see a different way of using Rise. It leads me to ask the questions we should always be asking: who is the end-user, how do they want/need to see information, do they actually know the answer to the second question, what is the goal, is the medium the right one for the intended goal? I think most get the picture. If you are a freelance ID and you get clients from your website, this could be a nice compliment but I would want to be able to add page tracking to it to get a sense of its effectiveness. If you are looking for a full-time ID job, job board blasting is the least effective method of getting work and one might think such an e-resume would be part of that. You're better to make cold calls. As mentioned earlier by others, recruiters (any HR for that matter), a... Expand

Teresa Vanderpost