In this fun course, you can see labeled graphic blocks in action. You'll also see how Rise 360 can be used to break down complex, multi-step procedures into easily processed chunks via flashcard, tabs, and accordion blocks. 

Tim Danes

Hi Anthony, Sometimes it feels like there are only 3 approaches to Educational Design: 1. Cottage Industry - Which Rise and Content Library is doing a good job of getting rid of 2. Cookie Cutter Corporate - Which Rise and Content Library encourage a bit too much, and the world ends up with far too many 'think with your click finger, not your mind' types of content. 3. Totally bespoke and unachievable customisation (JavaScript, etc.). Which are normally awesome, but unreachable for the average bear. However, I think this piece is a great example of the 4th and under-exposed version. i.e. Quality Educational Design, using simple tools, and good practice. It feels like you have good consistency (tone, block-choice etc.), balance (serious, deeper/lighter info), and pace (self-pac... Expand