Keeping a workspace in order prevents all sorts of issues—including avoiding injuries on a factory floor, infection in an operating room, or confidential information falling into the wrong hands at the office. To help learners build the habits they need to get this right, try a simulated environment. That way, they have a low-stress place to practice, which can prevent errors from happening on the job.

In this example, learners try to tidy up a doctor’s office before their next appointment— addressing hygiene, setup, and data security challenges. Storyline 360 makes the experience delightfully realistic with the help of the 360° image feature. Learners can pan around the entire room to search for issues as if they were looking around the actual environment. Immersing learners in a real work environment isn’t just cool-looking. It can also help them transfer those skills and apply them on the job. And thanks to how easy it is to work with 360° images in Storyline 360, you can build interactions like this in just minutes!

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Bianca Woods
Bianca Woods