Need inspiration for introducing learners to a complex piece of technology? In this guided simulation, you’ll see a creative way to give learners a step-by-step overview of the typical controls they’ll use in video editing software. 

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R. Eric Smith

Yes. I was talking about the meter track at the bottom that advances when the video plays. I was wondering if you used SL to make that, because I've wanted to make something similar, like a progress bar. R. Eric Smith Specialist - Quality Assurance Content & Quality Management Team | Product Delivery Services Association | AICPA | CIMA P: +1.919.402.2348 M: +1.919.280.5042 220 Leigh Farm Rd, Durham, NC 27707 AICPA Member Service: 888.777.7077 or CIMA: [cid:image017.jpg@01D3F338.8FDADDC0] [cid:image018.png@01D3F338.8FDADDC0] [cid:image019.png@01D3F338.8FDADDC0] [cid:image020.png@01D3F338.8FDADDC0] [cid:image021.png@01D3F338.8FDADDC0] [cid:image022.png@01D3F338.8FDADDC0] [cid:image023.png@01D3F338.8FDADDC0]... Expand