Photo showing a folder that says "brand identity"

Most organizations want their online courses to reflect their brand identity. Typically, they do that by using their company colors and incorporating their logo in the course design. Luckily, that’s super easy to do with Rise 360! If you don’t know how, find out here: How to Brand Your Rise 360 Course.

But what if you want to make sure your brand image is visible throughout your course? You can absolutely do that! Here are some elegant ways to incorporate your logo in your Rise 360 course.

1. Use Image Blocks

There are a variety of ways you can use image blocks to incorporate your logo. Here are a couple of combinations I find work particularly well.

Image + Text Block

One way to give your logo more visibility is by adding it to an image block above a text block, like in the example below:

Screenshot of image and text block with logo

Text + Image Block

You can also do the opposite, for a slightly different effect:

Screenshot of text and image block with logo

Text & Image Block 

Another option is to place the logo next to some text by using a text and image block ...

Screenshot of text and image block with logo

Text on Image Block 

… or a text on image block:

Screenshot of text on image block with logo

2. Use Quote Blocks

You can also use quote blocks and simply place your logo in the spot usually reserved for the photo of the person being quoted. Here are some different versions to inspire you.

Quote Block A

Screenshot of quote block A with logo

Quote Block B

Screenshot of quote block B with logo

Quote Block C

Screenshot of quote block C with logo

Quote Block D

Screenshot of quote block D with logo

Quote on Image Block

Screenshot of quote on image block with logo

3. Use Interactive Blocks

Interactive blocks can also be a good place to incorporate your logo. Let’s take a look at a couple of ways to do that. 

Process Block

One easy option is to add your logo to the introduction slide of this process block:

Screenshot of process block with logo

Image + Knowledge Check Block

You can also brand a knowledge check block by adding an image with a solid-color background above a knowledge check with the same color background, so they blend seamlessly:

Screenshot of image and knowledge check block with logo


These are just a few ideas for giving your logo the visibility it deserves throughout your course, but the sky’s the limit! Let your creativity run wild and see what other ways you find.

Want to see all the above examples in action? Check out this Rise 360 course example.

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