Want to create microlearning content but aren't sure where to start? Just like with courses, we've created ready-to-go content templates specifically for microlearning so that you can start training even faster.

Check out the list below for real and placeholder content templates in a variety of workplace-relevant categories. This list is updated whenever new content is added. 

Real Content

  • 3 Desk Stretches to Instantly Improve Your Day 
  • 5 Tips for Better Naps 
  • 9 Ways to Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month NEW
  • A Guide to Talking about Disabilities
  • Are You an Ally? Try Taking on These 5 Roles 
  • Can You Recover From a Workplace Mistake? 
  • From Draves to Kim: A Celebration of AAPI Athletes NEW
  • Gossip-Proof Your Workplace 
  • How to Develop a Performance Improvement Plan 
  • How to Identify & Stop Using Ableist Language 
  • How to Request Disability Accommodations at Work NEW
  • Invisible Disabilities in the Workplace: Kentay's Story NEW
  • Performance Review and Feedback 
  • Spot the Phish

Placeholder Content

  • A Quick Guide to Open Enrollment 
  • Executive Update 
  • Internal Company Newsletter 
  • Get to Know [Name of Product]
  • New Hire Pre-Hire Checklist 
  • Software Training 
  • Training Refresher