Look at any e-learning project and one of the first things you’ll notice are the fonts. Theme fonts set the stage. They establish a project’s tone—and they make a big difference in helping learners read content more easily. 

But, with so many options to choose from, how can you possibly pick? Thankfully, you don’t have to search online for the perfect heading and body fonts. You can simply mix and match the built-in Storyline 360 fonts and system typefaces to make your content look polished and legible. 

Curious to see which fonts work well together? Take a look at these five pairings you can start using right away! 

1. Montserrat Medium & Montserrat

Want to combine similar fonts without falling into the “it’s boring” trap? Try pairing Montserrat Medium with Montserrat. These two fonts have the same base—just with different line thicknesses. The result is an engaging, easy-on-the-eye contrast. Together, these fonts create a sense of strength and tranquility. And because of their versatility and geometric lettering, the fonts are generally safe for any project.  

2. Georgia & Verdana

Pairing different fonts can sometimes feel daunting. How do you know which ones to mix and match? What if you end up combining fonts that conflict instead of contrast? Choose Georgia and Verdana and you can put those worries aside, as these two fonts were designed to work together. The elegant simplicity of Georgia combined with the clear and legible Verdana font makes this classic combo a nice choice for your projects.  

3. Trebuchet MS & Garamond

Need a fresh look? Sometimes combining the old with the new can give a sense of unique familiarity. To capture that balance, try Trebuchet MS and Garamond. The modern Trebuchet MS paired with Garamond—one of the oldest fonts—emits a friendly and sophisticated tone, giving you the best of both worlds. 

4. Oswald & Open Sans

The best font pairings have visual contrast—but that contrast can't look disjointed. After all, we still need to maintain cohesiveness. Use Oswald and Open Sans to create that ideal match. Oswald’s slightly elongated characteristics combine beautifully with many fonts. Match it with the neutral and friendly Open Sans and you’ll have a distinct and professional pairing that’s instantly pleasing to the eye.

5. Raleway & Roboto Light

Need to add some personality to your projects? Look no further than the dynamic Raleway and Roboto Light duo. This sleek and modern font combination is the perfect mix! Raleway works great as a heading because its subtle, artistic look attracts just the right amount of attention. Roboto Light body text completes the picture because it’s versatile and easy to read.   


Using any of these font combinations can help your courses look captivating, professional, and readable. And since anyone using Storyline 360 already has these fonts installed, you can easily share your file and rest assured knowing the text formatting will stay intact! 

Of course, these are just a few pairing options; we’re sure you have many other creative ideas up your sleeve. We’d love to hear them! Which built-in fonts are your go-tos for headings and body text?  

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