If you’re like many course authors, you’ve been creating microlearning courses with Rise 360 for years. After all, delivering training in short bursts is a great way to improve knowledge retention and make it easy for learners to grow their skills despite their busy schedules.

And now, thanks to the new Rise 360 microlearning feature, you can create bite-size courses your learners will love faster than ever. 

Let us walk you through how it’ll save you time and give you more control over the learning experience.

1. Get useful content out fast by starting from a template

If you’ve created microlearning before, you know that it often takes longer to design effective short-form content because of how strategic you have to be about what you include.

But now, with Rise 360, you can save time by choosing from a library of templates designed specifically for microlearning. This library includes:

  • Real-content templates, which are ready to publish as is but are also easy to customize if needed.
  • Placeholder-content templates, which feature a prebuilt course structure with tips on what to incorporate. So all that’s left to do is pop in your content and you’re good to go!

No matter which option you choose, these professionally designed templates will help you get single-objective courses out to learners fast—whether it’s your first microlearning or your fiftieth. 

2. Quickly create custom bite-size learning experiences

It’s always been fast and easy to create custom microlearning from scratch with Rise 360, but this cool new feature shaves even more time off your course-creation workflow. That’s because it automatically takes care of many of the microlearning layout and navigation customization steps you might have done manually in the past.



Instead of creating a course, adding a lesson, and hiding the menu to create a microlearning feel, just select Create Microlearning and start adding blocks. It’s as simple as that! 

3. Focus learners’ attention With Stepped Navigation Mode 

Whether you start from scratch or use a template, the new microlearning feature also gives you an all-new option for directing your learners’ attention and helping them focus in on your content: Stepped Navigation Mode. As the name implies, this setting allows you to display content one step at a time—making it easier to digest.

Stepped navigation defaults to showing a single block for each step, but if you need to combine blocks to get a point across, that’s easy to adjust. You can  connect and disconnect blocks in just a few clicks to design an optimal learning experience.


The new Rise 360 microlearning feature will help you get great short-form content out quickly. We can’t wait to see what you’ll create!

Want to learn more about this new feature? Be sure to check out this overview video:

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