Extend the functionality of your Articulate Presenter 360 courses with interactive SWF files, also called Flash movies.

There are two ways to insert SWF files into a course. Each has its own benefits. Which method you use depends on whether you want the SWF file to be synchronized with the slide or to play independently. Here's how to decide:

  • If your SWF file is a movie that requires no interaction from learners, insert it as a video. This synchronizes it with the slide's timeline, which means it can be controlled by the slide’s play/pause button and seekbar.
  • If your SWF file contains interactive elements, insert it as a Flash movie as described below. This plays the SWF file independently of the slide's timeline so learners can proceed at their own pace.

Adding Flash Movies

  1. Go to the Articulate tab on the PowerPoint ribbon and click Flash.
  2. Browse to your SWF file and click Open.
  3. When the Insert Flash window appears, set the following properties:
    • Show Flash: Decide whether you want the Flash movie to appear in the slide or in a separate browser window.
    • Play Flash: Choose to play the Flash movie automatically or only when learners click it.
    • Start Flash: Decide when you want the Flash movie to play. By default, it'll play as soon as learners reach the slide. If you'd prefer to wait a certain number of seconds before playing the Flash object, enter a number in the field provided.
    • Alternate Text: Enter a description in this field to help learners with screen readers understand the content.
  4. To preview your Flash file, use the play/pause and stop buttons below the thumbnail image.
  5. To switch to a different Flash movie, click the blue file name below the thumbnail image and browse to another SWF file.
  6. Click OK when you've finished making selections.

Editing Properties

To edit properties for a Flash movie after it has already been imported into Presenter:

  1. Select the Flash movie placeholder on the slide and go to the Articulate tab on the PowerPoint ribbon.
  2. Click the Flash drop-down arrow and choose Edit Flash Properties.
  3. Make your changes and click OK.

Why Can’t I See Flash Movies When I Preview?

Since the Presenter 360 preview feature uses HTML5 content, you won’t be able to see Flash movies during preview. You’ll need to publish your course with Flash output to see them.

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