The Comprehensive Guide to Instructional Design for E-Learning

Instructional design is the practice of designing learning content and experiences that make it easy for learners to build new skills and absorb new info. There are plenty of folks in the e-learning world who have rich backgrounds in instructional design. But for others who come from a different background, getting your feet wet in instructional design can help you take a thoughtful and practical approach to creating effective e-learning.

Let’s take a look at some of the key instructional design approaches and processes that can help you deliver the best possible learning outcomes for your learners. These articles are chock-full of practical techniques and strategies that will help anyone from beginners to experienced pros.

The ID Basics

These helpful articles explain what instructional design is and how it can help you create better e-learning:

Putting ID Theory to Work

Now you’re ready to start putting ID to work. Here are a few key ways you can improve your e-learning development practices:

How to Use ID for Project Analysis

Instructional design theory is full of helpful strategies to analyze content, training needs, and learners. Completing robust analysis before you start your project can help save you time in development—and create more targeted, effective content. Here’s what you need to know:  

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