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Imagine you’re sitting in a small classroom listening to your favorite speaker. She’s cracking jokes and asking for audience participation—you hardly realize how much you’ve learned until you’re talking to friends later and marvel at how much of the content you remember.

Learning experiences are so much more effective when they’re interactive. Not only are you more engaged throughout the process, you also learn faster than you would poring over a workbook or reading a PDF.

This principle applies to developing training, too. If you can make your e-learning interactive, and apply it to the real-world scenarios your learners are facing, they’ll learn new skills so much faster.

Sounds good, right? But if you’re creating online learning, and you’re not a programmer, making content interactive can seem super-daunting. You have the idea in your head; you know exactly how you want it to look … and you have precisely zero ideas about how to actually make it happen. 

No fear! There are intuitive tools out there to help you create interactive learning without writing a single line of code. That’s right. You can return that JavaScript 101 book to the library.

Getting Started with Articulate Studio

Articulate Studio is a good first step to getting started with interactive e-learning. It’s a suite of tools that help you work within the familiar PowerPoint environment to up-level your slide-based courses. You can add interactions with form-based authoring, and assessments with built-in question types.

 See how easy it is to get started with these helpful tutorials:

 Getting Started with Articulate Storyline  

 If you’re looking for a program that gives you greater control over building more complex interactions into your e-learning without a massive learning curve, Storyline 2 is the tool for you.

 You can start from existing PowerPoint content, templates, or any of the many freebies in our download hub. Then you can use intuitive features such as states, layers, and markers to easily add rich interactivity. There’s no programming necessary, just the imagination to combine features to give learners a dynamic, personalized experience. This set of tutorials shows you how easy it can be: Adding Interactivity.

Want to get your hands on Storyline or Studio? Try either for free.

Test-drive either of these two incredible tools for free. Click here to get a free trial of either Studio or Storyline and try it out.