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Adnan Djulsic
Hi all, I have a problem with the publish feature in Articulate Storyline.  After I am publishing file and opening the course in the web browser I can not see videos...
19 minutes ago
By Phil Mayor
srini gajendran
Hi All, I just want your help could please help me how to create "Circle Diagram", "Timeline", "Media Tour", "FAQ", "Pyramid" "Guided Image" and "Glossary" in NEW ST...
23 minutes ago
By Armin Heer
Justin Grenier
Recently some common browsers, including Chrome and Safari, have started blocking auto-play of audio and video content on the sites you visit. That includes audio and ...
27 minutes ago
By Chris Weston
chandra sekhar
Hello Support, After Updating to Storyline 3 to latest version 4: 3.4.15731.0, layer audio is overlapping to base at the time of seeks the seekbar.  Already we have c...
1 hour ago
By chandra sekhar
Viktor Raskin
Hi, I am a newbie to Storyline and eLearning design. I am a programmer by my previous training. As a final project in my Instructional Design degree, I am planning t...
1 hour ago
By Viktor Raskin
saukath ali
Hi all, In Storyline 3, I have developed a course and used default player buttons for Resources, glossary. On CD publishing, I found an issue that is, on hovering res...
1 hour ago
By saukath ali
Jackie W
Hello,  Since installing Storyline 360 v. 3.19.16600.0, we are encountering an issue with captions. Our captions are appearing behind an animation when viewing on Chr...
2 hours ago
By Jonas Brolin Hjortsberg
Alexander Clark
Hello everybody, Seemingly any function in Storyline 360 is working at a snail's pace. Earlier today it was working fine, but in the last 30 minutes it's become nearl...
2 hours ago
By Doyal Roy
Yusuf Rangwala
Hi All, So I have a huge number of courses that need to be converted to modern text. Some of the learners are facing issue viewing text if this feature is not selecte...
2 hours ago
By Yusuf Rangwala
Leonard Puglia
Hi there, I'm using the latest updated version of SL360 and I want to create an interactive video quiz. In previous projects (about 12 months since the last time I di...
3 hours ago
By Leonard Puglia
Maureen Matsumoto
Hi everyone, The majority of all the lessons I develop have content mixed in with knowledge checks and a mandatory quiz at the end that requires a minimum score to ge...
3 hours ago
By Leonard Puglia
Rachel Lange
Hi,   I'm trying to create a zoom effect to show more information using a main slide and individual slides with the zoom region effect. It's sort of working how I w...
4 hours ago
By Rachel Lange
Suparna Sathe
Hi there I am having issue with mouse over in the attached, there is delay in revealing the layers. thanks for your help.   Regards Suparna
7 hours ago
By Suparna Sathe
Lisa Rothrauff
I've created hotspots, and with the exception of one slide, they're not working and I can't figure out why. Across my modules, I create hotspots; then I create a trigg...
9 hours ago
By Jason Fletcher
Sean Bernardino
Hi, one of my courses that I'm developing in Storyline requires me to provide feedback for a partially correct response. I'm currently unable to find a way to do this ...
11 hours ago
By Infinitude Creative
Maureen Matsumoto
Hi everyone, I need your help, please! I created a lesson in Storyline 360 using custom buttons. I am a fairly new user so I apologize if this is an obvious rookie mi...
12 hours ago
By Maureen Matsumoto
Alex Haddox
I am using the publish to video of Storyline 360 Desktop App and having lots of trouble. Fist, the audio quality is poor. I use high-quality audio narration (uncompre...
12 hours ago
By Downer NZ
Bridget O'Dell
Hello! Ever wish you could build a Custom Search Engine within your Storyline eLearning course so that users can search for the content they're looking for? Well, you...
12 hours ago
By Troy Ashman
Lisa Harris
I am using an embedded Jot Form in my Rise course to collect employee data when they complete the course.  By doing this, the employee gets credit for completing the ...
17 hours ago
By Lisa Harris
Kevin Hayes
I'm trying to figure out how create a xAPI SEND statement using javascript so I can record custom assessment values in an LRS. I've looked at the multitude of discuss...
21 hours ago
By Kevin Hayes