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Trina Rimmer
Hi everyone, We’ve just added some exciting new features to Articulate Storyline 360 and I wanted to share the highlights with you. Team slides: Sharing Storyline 36...
8 days ago
By Trina Rimmer
Justin Grenier
You may have heard that Adobe is phasing out support for Flash in 2020. We’ve known that Flash has been on its way out for some time. To make sure we’re ready, we’ve b...
4 days ago
By Stephanie Long
Emalyn L
Hi, Do you have a pdf for player color guide like in Storyline 1 & 2? I cna't find it anywhere? Something like the attached file. Thanks!
1 month ago
By Ashley Terwilliger
Simon Taghioff
Hi everyone, We’ve just released a major expansion to Content Library – your subscription now includes over 1.5 million beautiful photos, illustrations, icons, and vi...
1 day ago
By Ashley Terwilliger
Simon Taghioff
Hey folks, We just released a new feature for Storyline 360: Closed Captions! This is one of our most requested features, and allows you to add closed captions to bot...
6 days ago
By Leslie McKerchie
Erlangga Anugrah Arifin
Please help!, i just want to try Articulate Storyline 3 on my old Windows 8 PC, i just downloaded it from the official website Articulate, and after installer is downl...
1 hour ago
By sandeep vernekar
Kim Lorek
Hello! So I used the "work around" for putting the spaces between the bullet points and now I'm seeing a little bullet point and a big one.  How can I fix this?  I tr...
2 hours ago
By Sara Sternheim
David Janus
Hello, we are experiencing some errors when trying to create a hover state (Storyline crashes) – Any help or suggestions are highly appreciated.    I am busy working...
3 hours ago
By enrique alfonso
Philippe JEANTY
Is it possible to use the Insert > Shape > Curved line (4th icon) and add arrowheads with the Format Shape > Arrow settings ? Somehow this is greyed... What ...
5 hours ago
By Philippe JEANTY
Amanda  Dinscore
I am new to Storyline but am trying to build a tutorial that teaches college writing students how to paraphrase and summarize sources. I want to show students an origi...
5 hours ago
By Amanda Dinscore
We've run into a problem where some of our Storyline courses do not play if accessed via VPN. I am told this particular VPN vendor does not support Flash 10 files. How...
7 hours ago
By S M
Rayburn Diana
I am having issues trying to print a completion certificate at the end of an eModule when viewing in Internet Explorer. It will print when using Microsoft Edge and Goo...
8 hours ago
By Matthew Bibby
hamed elsayed
Dear all, Please Do It is Possible to create non  stander  Glossary with search  and other  browse functionalities in articulate Story line,similar  to this screen ca...
8 hours ago
By Matthew Bibby
James Clark
I'm using Articulate 360 and just recently the audio editor is not syncing the audio graph with the sound correctly.  I recently update 360 to v3.7.12582.0.  I have tr...
13 hours ago
By Bryan R.
Bruce Graham
Hi,  Was trying to get a "ticker tape" effect in SL360, where a long list of words triggered at a pre-determined time, and moved across the screen, and off the other ...
15 hours ago
By Walt Hamilton
moahmed radwan
i want to create button to restart the slide but i want to put it in master slide so that it  apply in all slides in the project . how????
23 hours ago
By moahmed radwan
Jim Rehmann
Hey all, I'm trying to figure out how to animate a "chat program". I have the general look and feel of the chat program set up in Storyline, but now I want it to appea...
1 day ago
By Ash W
k weglarz
Hi all,   I've attached my .story file, as you can see, on slide five, there are a series of sliders. they seem to work in some versions of chrome but not others. Ca...
1 day ago
By Ray Handley
Deb Korbel
After importing engage activities and publishing them in html5/flash option, they hang and do not work.  What can I do to correct this?
1 day ago
By Deb Korbel
Fatma Sayed
I need to Editing review result in storyline 2 : "Editing the correct mark in review screen" can anyone tell me how can I do that please?
1 day ago
By Fatma Sayed
Brian Olive
Hello.  I am looking for the Comstar Employee Wellness Demo link.  I went through that course sample and now I cannot find the link to it. Does anyone happen to have ...
1 day ago
By Brian Olive
Dean DiMonte
hello, anyone help with "audio editor"?  it launches, fine with all functions EXCEPT when you "play" the audio in the audio editor window, there is no sound.  However...
1 day ago
By Sean Lee
Chris Smit
Hi All, I have a little challenge. In our courses we use a lot of 'Text entry interactions'. Users should be able to submit the input by the <Enter> and the &l...
1 day ago
By Ed Crane
Kyle Gomon
Hello Heros, I have a Articulate Storyline slide with 4 layers and all have audio. There are 4 buttons linked so that when the user clicks a button, it goes to the co...
1 day ago
By Kyle Gomon
lawrence Eaton
In January it’s announced that the chocolate factory’s chrome browser is to block auto play.  If Apple’s Safari made a ‘HUGE mistake’ by doing it first and now Chrome...
1 day ago
By lawrence Eaton