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Justin Grenier
Recently, Chrome and Safari stopped displaying some objects in Storyline courses. This problem generally impacts animated images that are displayed on top of other ani...
4 days ago
By Alyssa Gomez
Mike Olivieri
Today we released a really exciting new feature for Storyline 360: media library. Now you can manage all the assets for your project in one place. Use the media libra...
5 days ago
By Mark Dowman
Mike Olivieri
Last week we announced an exciting new batch of features for Articulate 360. And today we released one of those new features for Storyline 360: review and retry incorr...
8 days ago
By Leslie McKerchie
John Blum
Hi Everyone, I am developing a series of courses with no narration, and have the audio control hidden on the player.  Some courses will have videos inserted in the sl...
39 minutes ago
By Elisabetta Tesser
Matt Lang
"Zoom Picture" is adding a grey border around the image. That is an actual screenshot showing the border it has added.
42 minutes ago
By Bérengère LITTY
Frank Schumann
We found an issue with the handling of imported videos in storyline after latest update (to file version 3.17.16117.0). If the video lies in any slide layer of the el...
1 hour ago
By Russell Looi
Jordan Defty
Hi guys, Just wondering how can you change the "Invalid Answer" popup that appears if you submit a Pick One answer without selecting anything? It doesn't seem to appe...
2 hours ago
By Mareliza Kirschbaum
Guillaume Teix
Hi everyone. I'm trying to set up a workflow using themes in Storyline 3. My goal is basically to be able to switch froms different according to the corporate identit...
2 hours ago
By Guillaume Teix
asd asdasd
I was just wondering if there's any push on getting Storyline CSP compliant? I know I can add a script-src with unsafe-inline, but that kind of diminishes the value of...
2 hours ago
By asd asdasd
Pedro Gomes
to insert a picture, I put a state and to my surprise, the state guide disappeared. just stood timeline e notes tab. how to recover tab.
3 hours ago
By Sravani Koripella
Adam Bayliss
This is a niggling problem - the last mail I could find about it was years ago.  When using a € in a text boy with a variable in, I close the screen and reopen it, an...
3 hours ago
By Adam Bayliss
Chelsea Delfin
Hi. I'm working on a project where I want to send results via email to one email address. I would be capturing three variables to be displayed on the email: name, ema...
4 hours ago
By Tim Whitehouse
Ponnammal Sundaram
Hi, I am using Storyline 3 and updated to the latest build (Build 3.5.16548.0) recently. In the release notes, it was mentioned that new French female voice was added...
4 hours ago
By Sanchit Bhasin
Norma Miller
Is there a way to create a button the learner can click that will reset a slide to its original state? I'd like to create such a button and label it "Reset Slide." I k...
7 hours ago
By Ashley Terwilliger
Amit Goel
Hello,  I am creating on an interaction where my students enter their own answers to a series of questions and then I use Javascript at the end to compile each studen...
8 hours ago
By Amit Goel
Dave Neuweiler
The Zoom Region feature is especially helpful in software demonstrations, since the "base video" is usually full-screen, and the on-screen text can be daunting to read...
8 hours ago
By Dave Neuweiler
Justices of the Peace Branch
Hi, I love the characters currently available on Articulate 360, but I would like to know a little more about them i.e. their nationality so I can tailor cultural sen...
10 hours ago
By Justices of the Peace Branch
Megan Colbert
Hi There, I have added a results slide to my project, but it wont show in my menu.  I have tried adding it through the menu in the player, but when I press 'ok' it d...
10 hours ago
By Megan Colbert
Jamie Kristofco
Hi, I am authoring a simple course with a scenario between a manager and an employee. My project partner was supposed to fly to my location to record, but we recentl...
10 hours ago
By Christian Herman
yolanda yo
Hello all, I click "Review" button and found that all quesions shows "Incorrect". The freeform question slide also didn't show the correct answer. I didn't change an...
11 hours ago
By Michelle Leon
Mona Ahmed
Hello, I added captions to my project in storyline 360 and it is shown in white color on a black background. Since it does not match my project color scheme, I am won...
11 hours ago
By Jen Wicking
Carol Combs
Hello All, I've created a custom survey slide that allows the user to choose one of seven options. I can't figure out how to add a trigger for the likert interaction....
11 hours ago
By Carol Combs
Daniel Brigham
Hi, everyone: In the next few months, I'll likely be developing a library of elearning scenarios for call center representatives. There will probably be a decent amou...
11 hours ago
By Daniel Brigham