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Justin Grenier
Recently, Chrome and Safari stopped displaying some objects in Storyline courses. This problem generally impacts animated images that are displayed on top of other ani...
2 days ago
By Alyssa Gomez
Mike Olivieri
Today we released a really exciting new feature for Storyline 360: media library. Now you can manage all the assets for your project in one place. Use the media libra...
3 days ago
By Mark Dowman
Mike Olivieri
Last week we announced an exciting new batch of features for Articulate 360. And today we released one of those new features for Storyline 360: review and retry incorr...
6 days ago
By Leslie McKerchie
Colin Daly
Hi David, I'm really enjoying your tutorials! Very helpful. However, I wanted to point out that in the Storyline 360 and Storyline 3: Adding Interactivity with Trigg...
1 hour ago
By Emma Waller
Michael Bauer
Hi there. iPad for Dummies question (only because I don't regularly use one). How do I get a published course (I presume publish for Web) from my Windows laptop on t...
2 hours ago
By Michael Hinze
Athina Santaguida
I am creating e-learning modules that will be uploaded onto a Moodle platform. Ideally, I would like my users to be able to full-screen the modules so that they can ha...
6 hours ago
By Jeanette Brooks
Bea Fosh
Help!! Created nav buttons using shapes, and used variables to disable and able buttons as user steps through the course. I cannot get the button to display as visited...
12 hours ago
By Ned Whiteley
Courtney Brobst
Hi - I am trying to set up javascript to grab the students name and email it to me once they click on submit. I've looked around and found this but can't seem to get i...
13 hours ago
By Courtney Brobst
Megan Creegan
Hi, I already submitted a case for this and support and although they have been able to duplicate the issue, they haven't been able to track down a solution yet so I'm...
15 hours ago
By David Shook
Tim Brobst
I am creating a Storyline 360 course for a client (Client A). My client (A) will then turn over the source files to their client (Client B). My client wants an accurat...
16 hours ago
By Tim Brobst
Thorsten Holt
Hi there, I am quite clueless. My course is working on desktop but not on mobile devices like on a iPhone 6, Samsung S7 or Samsung Tablet Galaxy Tab S2. On these devi...
17 hours ago
By Thorsten Holt
Jonathan Y
Has anyone got the show/hide menu to work here on the Elearning Brothers website? I've tried attaching the code to a button but nothing seems to happen   Thanks
22 hours ago
By Rages C
Judith Sanders
Hello all, I would like to know if it is possible to use the lightbox functionality and make the slide background of the lightbox 100% transparent. We don't want cust...
22 hours ago
By Zsolt Olah
bobby garcia
I have quiz slides that include custom navigation (on the slides) but when I click the Start Over button (triggered to go to the main menu slide) I get a picture-in-pi...
23 hours ago
By bobby garcia
Maggie Hu
Hello, I am using the method mentioned here to embed published articulate storyline 3 web version: <iframe src="
23 hours ago
By Zsolt Olah
Amy George
I have tried several microphones, and none have been as clear as my iphone. Is it possible to use the iphone to record directly into Storyline without having to email...
1 day ago
By Tom Kuhlmann
Norma Miller
Is there a way to create a button the learner can click that will reset a slide to its original state? I'd like to create such a button and label it "Reset Slide." I k...
1 day ago
By Ned Whiteley
Robin Innes
I have a Storyline 360 course in which I created two slides with markers.  The markers are created correctly (black default text, white background, nothing fancy).  Th...
1 day ago
By Robin Innes
Lynn Hauser
Hi everyone,  I need to simulate the speed of light slowing down as it moves from a vacuum through an object and back out into the vacuum. In the attachment, the pink...
1 day ago
By Lynn Hauser
Nicole Ralph
Hello, We have had success using on/off volume using JavaScript code from the discussion link below. Is there a way to link an icon for visual purposes to reflect if...
1 day ago
By Nicole Ralph
chiefy .
Hi forum. I created a game a while back for SL2, my external JS file gets and sets a bunch of Storyline variables using GetPlayer, SetVar and GetVar. With the releas...
1 day ago
By Zsolt Olah
Erwin Ancheta
Hi Guys, I'm using SL3. I've created 2 sets of menu icons using: Slide Master (Blank) layer Feedback Master (Incorrect Feedback) layer Showing layer in Slide ...
1 day ago
By Erwin Ancheta
Loc Dao
Hi All, We want our series of project to remember a user's values & quiz inputs when they exit a project, and remain filled when the user returns. Majority of the...
1 day ago
By Zsolt Olah