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Mike Olivieri
We love hearing about how the new triggers panel and workflow in Storyline 360 are helping you be more productive. That’s why we’re so excited to announce this latest ...
14 days ago
By Ree Walker-Greer
Mike Olivieri
We’re really excited to share this new update to Storyline 360: the accessible player. With the new accessible player, learners can use a broader range of screen reade...
6 days ago
By Frances Rampey
Justin Grenier
We’re improving the Articulate 360 sign-in experience and have added a new network endpoint. If your working environment doesn’t require whitelisting endpoints or you’...
8 months ago
By Justin Grenier
Brent Thomas
Hi. I have just updated Storyline. I am on v3.37.2453.0 and the text boxes I add to a page are not being highlighted in yellow in my screen reader or being read out. T...
18 minutes ago
By Brent Thomas
Mark Blanchard
Hi - I want to be able to track by section of the module I've created. Is this possible. At the moment, if the user completes the whole module then they'll have comple...
25 minutes ago
By Mark Blanchard
James Barela
I want to have a partially transparent (white) shape with some text, an orange outline and an orange glow. As soon as I apply the glow, the background color takes on t...
37 minutes ago
By James Barela
Enrico Matteazzi
Hi there! I have a big problem. I used to put video into a course with the video-player and seekbar on (I mean not the slide seekbar but the seekbar inside the video)....
39 minutes ago
By Enrico Matteazzi
Diana Gualda
Hi, my team is facing an issue in which all our courses, after being completed by students, completely reset. Our courses all have Restricted menu navigation so that u...
1 hour ago
By SIM Khoon huat
Wil van Olst
Hi, we are looking into acquiring Articulate but have heard conflicting reviews. Is it possible to use the same content/question in more than one module or does ...
2 hours ago
By Wil van Olst
Nicholas Nolan
Hi Community, A colleague and myself are trialling Articulate360 on Windows 10 (Build 18363) for building some content, and we are experiencing a BSOD when attempting ...
7 hours ago
By Nicholas Nolan
Marlene Koch
Hi everyone, I have a sorting task with correct and incorrect options. I chose the design settings so the drop item returns to the start point when droped outside a co...
7 hours ago
By Jason Kramer
Hi everyone, I have a very odd issue. When I click on an item: shape, illustration photo, text box etc. to reformat it the width starts to reduce automatic...
8 hours ago
By C C
Michael Shannon
I've created a freeform drag and drop which I'm having trouble getting the "spring back" function to work. I want incorrect drag itemsto return to their original ...
8 hours ago
By Jesse Lockstein
Michael Ramos Orbegoso
Hi everyone, We're able to cause a bug when a video caption is showing then going back to a previous video, multiple layers of captions appears the stuck lines ar...
8 hours ago
By Michael Ramos Orbegoso
David Tait
I've been building an interaction today that uses a lot of variables. There's a point in the interaction where the learner has the chance to reset everything and ...
8 hours ago
By Lindsay Lutman
Kimberly Lococo
Is there anyway to add a RESET option when creating a Drag and Drop activity. I love using the Freeform options when creating quizzes but it would be nice to have a RE...
9 hours ago
By Gerry McAteer
salau moyour
HI, i am having issues publishing a course I recently completed, I encounter an error like I don't have the right permission to complete or the fine is being access by...
9 hours ago
By Duane De Jager
Anthony Tossell
Trying to publish a module in review, it wouldn't 'start', check files no 'story_html5.html'. Tried publishing for web and same result. Anyone know what is going ...
10 hours ago
By Andrea Mandal
Jane Lance
Hi, When I uploaded my course from Storyline 360 one of the slides has a talking bubble cut off (see attached), but when I am in edit mode or previewing it in SL360 th...
11 hours ago
By Ren Gomez
Jenna Strausbaugh
I'm attempting a screen recording of a software window. The window is maximized. The size of my monitor (I've tried all three of my monitors) is 1920x1080, which is my...
11 hours ago
By Ren Gomez
Doug Brown
I have just updated to Stoyline 360 to Build 3.16.15842.0 and am trying to set the new modern player to chromeless optimal size. I cannot see any way to...
11 hours ago
By Todd Weber
Jacqueline Silva
In Storyline 360, when viewing the sidebar with a logo populated in Internet Explorer, the logo is stretched vertically. This behavior is not seen using Chrome. I have...
11 hours ago
By Katie (Gokhshteyn) Riggio
Kathy Wasson
Is it me or did the most recent update remove the ability to let the user advance a video, with the video controls that can be made visible below the video? I have a p...
11 hours ago
By Ren Gomez