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Mike Olivieri
We’ve just added another great feature to Storyline 360: text styles. Now you have a faster, easier way to control the visual appearance of slide text in your Storylin...
10 days ago
By Lauren Connelly
Simon Taghioff
We know it’s important for you to be able to create accessible e-learning—not just because it’s a compliance issue, but because it’s critical to build training that’s ...
3 days ago
By Melanie Sobie
Ian Bell
I have a customer with poor internet to be able to reliably access training on an LMS. I can export the training onto CD or USB to be done in stand-alone mode but this...
10 minutes ago
By Ian Bell
Abraham Ysmael Alvarez
Greetings, We published a HTML5/Flash module on 360 and this play button, for the first time, shows up in the beginning of the course(where you have to tap it to ...
1 hour ago
By Gerry McAteer
Nicole Ralph
Hello. I’ve been tinking with the CSS of a published Modern player project with an image background with some success. The Modern Player’s seekbar, controls and ...
1 hour ago
By Nicole Ralph
Mel Gladman
A colleague has had an instance when previewing their project in Storyline (slide view vs project preview) where some of the elements move (e.g. text boxes). Onc...
2 hours ago
By Mel Gladman
Susan Buza
Several months ago I tested out embedding my storyline 360 content in Canvas without issue. Now that my project is completed, I am having an issue displaying the ...
3 hours ago
By Victoria Navarrete
Victoria Navarrete
I have been having problems opening Storyline 360 projects in Canvas since the end of August. (Projects uploaded prior to that time are still working well. ) The proje...
3 hours ago
By Victoria Navarrete
Kelly Van Wave
Hi, I have built a timer on my master slides that works great, except the timer stops on the majority of my slide layers and won't resume until I go onto the next slid...
3 hours ago
By Ned Whiteley
Tom W
Hi all. I discovered a bug in Storyline 360 today, which has been reported. If you have a text entry field it will stay 'on top' of any layers you have on that slide (...
4 hours ago
By Shane Leonard
Karen Labenz
Every time I try to open Storyline, I get an Articulate 360 Sign In. When I enter my credentials, I get this error: Your session has expired. Please refresh your brows...
6 hours ago
By Theresa Halverson
Jeni Johnson
My format painter never seems to work as it is supposed to. For example. I edited an objects state (changed the colors, location, ect.) but when I chose format p...
8 hours ago
By Jeni Johnson
Gina Evans
Hi Storyline Geniuses, I'm working on a project that instructs users about how to find information in clinical research findings published in journals. We're working w...
10 hours ago
By loran peterman
Cathy Allen of Audit Conduct
Yesterday, I published a SL 360 quiz to Review 360, but after the initial publication, I was unable to publish any of the updated SL files. SL 360 just crashed an...
12 hours ago
By Cathy Allen of Audit Conduct
Jenna Mammolito
HI, I am using Articulate Storyline 360 and see no option on how to populate 'My Templates'. I have reviewed some posts but they are all mentioning steps that I ...
13 hours ago
By David Goodman
Ms Storyline
Hi, par chance, does anyone have one please? Princess
14 hours ago
By Jennifer Stein
khaled alshalal
hello everyone, i am creating a game and my inspiration was “Abby Goes to the OBGYN,” everything is going good now but i have problem with (updating the stat...
15 hours ago
By khaled alshalal
Ali Al-Shufafa
Hi Heroes, I'm interested to know how to adjust the Start and End Properties of a slider by a variable controlled by the user. My question is not related to updating t...
15 hours ago
By Ali Al-Shufafa
Jonathan Y
Has anyone got the show/hide menu to work here on the Elearning Brothers website? I've tried attaching the code to a button but nothing seems to happen Thanks
15 hours ago
By Mark Cairns
Nabeel Ibrahim
I am trying use the above mentioned scenario in custom table of contents. In the attached course file, Smart Shape with text "A" is kept in master slide as TOC is...
19 hours ago
By Phil Mayor
D Copenhaver
I wanted to use the random photos from as wallpaper similar to Aman's drag and drop exercise in his LinkedIn post below. Does anyone know how thi...
1 day ago
By fasdf asdf
Ellen Spertus
I've been basing my stories off of PowerPoint presentations, so they've been almost entirely linear. I'd like to try something different that I've seen in HR trainings...
1 day ago
By Walt Hamilton