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Emalyn L
Hi, Do you have a pdf for player color guide like in Storyline 1 & 2? I cna't find it anywhere? Something like the attached file. Thanks!
Articulate Storyline 2 days ago
By Emalyn L
Adam Schwartz
Hey Everyone, You asked for it so we built it - the all new Attachment Block. It makes it super easy to add attachments (PDF, Word, Excel, or any filetype) to your Ri...
Rise 7 days ago
By Cynthia Paré
Simon Taghioff
Hi everyone, We’ve just released a major expansion to Content Library – your subscription now includes over 1.5 million beautiful photos, illustrations, icons, and vi...
Articulate Storyline 2 days ago
By Ashley Terwilliger
Simon Taghioff
Hey folks, We just released a new feature for Storyline 360: Closed Captions! This is one of our most requested features, and allows you to add closed captions to bot...
Articulate Storyline 3 days ago
By Simon Taghioff
Brian Gil
Hi everyone, I’m happy to share that we’ve added a handy new Rise feature: the ability to customize the text used in labels. Now all built-in course elements, such as...
Rise 22 days ago
By Ashley Terwilliger
Adam Schwartz
Hey All - we just pushed a new feature to Rise called Cover Photos.  With cover photos, you can customize the look of your course with a photographic cover. Upload yo...
Rise 16 days ago
By Ashley Terwilliger
Adam Schwartz
You all asked for it and now it's here - Knowledge Check block.  Check out the Peek video here describing the feature.
Rise 1 month ago
By Ashley Terwilliger
brian taylor
Hi all I found the root of my problem with triggers. I created a custom slide with a number of textentry fields TextEntry to textentry10 along with lots more fields....
Articulate Storyline 6 minutes ago
By Ruchi Dhabale
Geoff McCuen
I have a course that occasionally asks the student to enter some text in a Data Entry input box.  Only when the correct data is entered does the lesson move on.   Ther...
Articulate Storyline 7 minutes ago
By Geoff McCuen
Jessica Cratty
Hi there!  I am designing a test in Quizmaker and was wondering if there is a way to add extra credit questions to my test (meaning the user is awarded points if corre...
Articulate Quizmaker 13 minutes ago
By Jessica Cratty
Julie Stout-Matthews
Hello, I'm hoping someone can lead me to some resources on this... I have an activity that I am converting from Lectora to Storyline 360. There are a series of accou...
Articulate Storyline 13 minutes ago
By Julie Stout-Matthews
Scott Sullivan
I have created a screen recording with SL2, the dimentions of which are smaller than my project slide, which was intentional. When the screen recording is placed into ...
Articulate Storyline 24 minutes ago
By Scott Sullivan
Martin Evans
Hello, I've still been exploring Rise and am developing a course in which I have mainly been using blocks.  However, I would really like to be able to use some of the...
Rise 39 minutes ago
By Merridee Arthur
Nathalie Thorne
Hello!  I have been working to create a drag and drop (attached) and have successfully completed most elements, however there is an issue with incorrect answers!  I'...
Articulate Storyline 43 minutes ago
By Susi B
Andrew Blakeley
What's the quickest way to help my content creators start writing content for Rise? Do you have a content script template they can use? 
Rise 43 minutes ago
By Jackie Van Nice
Joyce Hensen
I'm working with a course where I would like to have "the same zoom" on multiple slides. I found how to change the zoom speed, but I don't find anything that tells me ...
Articulate Storyline 1 hour ago
By Kevan Stranges
Bruce French
Does anyone know anything about ways around this? It seems tied to my c drive. Basically we work from network drives which have boatloads of space but due to some unk...
Articulate Storyline 1 hour ago
By Bruce French
Manoj Sharma
Hi, Can I customize the next/prev button on a Review Quize slide? What I want to achieve is to move to a particular slide one I have finished reviewing all the answe...
Articulate Storyline 1 hour ago
By Kim Mason
Cate Gordon
I have a course that requires video, and I would like to edit it using Articulate's built-in video editor for the sake of convenience. However, every time I open the v...
Articulate Storyline 2 hours ago
By Christos M.
Irina Poloubessov
Hello dear collegues, I am working in Google Chrome (latest version,  57.0.2987.110 (64-bit)) as an authoring browser for Rise. I added a video component to my cours...
Rise 3 hours ago
By Irina Poloubessov
Sam Clark
So far, I don't believe I need any of the additional applications offered by SL360 outside of Storyline 2. If I don't upgrade to SL360: Will SL2 include new author...
Articulate Storyline 3 hours ago
By Cynthia Kuni
Irina Poloubessov
Dear Team, My course from Rise has disappeared: I was working on it (Chrome browser), then previewed it and navigated to my profile to change my profile picture. Whe...
Rise 3 hours ago
By Irina Poloubessov
Brenda Stutsky
I have worked all day on Rise and was essentially finished a module - then 3 main lessons just disappeared??????
Rise 3 hours ago
By Irina Poloubessov
Rebecca Niday
Hello! In previous versions of Articulate the recommendation was to work and publish on the local C: drive, as doing so on a shared drive would cause file corruption i...
Articulate Presenter 3 hours ago
By Alison Lees
Pamela Funes
Hi! I'm having some issues with the Notes area in Storyline 360. For some reason, the text is cut off when moved to the top bar. It was working just fine but after t...
Articulate Storyline 4 hours ago
By Phil Mayor
Abhishek Roy
Is there any way to add hotspot or some form of interactivity to an image in Rise ? There are couple of interactive elements which i would like to build in Rise as fo...
Rise 4 hours ago
By paul everett
Atta Banana
Hi! I have some tests in Storyline 360 and some percentage of them are Text Entry quizzes. I put a check mark in “Show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing” in t...
Articulate Storyline 4 hours ago
By Atta Banana