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Adam Schwartz
Hi Everyone, Today we released matching questions in Rise. Here's a quick look:
Rise 4 days ago
By Adam Schwartz
Adam Schwartz
Hey Everyone, We released a new feature to Rise today that allows you to set sidebar visibility. You can now choose to: Set the sidebar to be open at course launc...
Rise 2 days ago
By Brent McMillan
Trina Rimmer
Hello, everyone! We’re so excited to share all the great new features in Storyline 360! Here’s what’s new: Text to speech: Speed course development by converting ...
Articulate Storyline 1 day ago
By Leslie McKerchie
Justin Grenier
You may have heard that Adobe is phasing out support for Flash in 2020. We’ve known that Flash has been on its way out for some time. To make sure we’re ready, we’ve b...
Articulate Storyline 3 days ago
By Ashley Terwilliger
Allison Bennett
I have created a layout I want to re-use in my project. I guess I should have done that in the Slide Master view (?), but I didn't know that and just modified a blank ...
Articulate Storyline 4 minutes ago
By Nancy Woinoski
Bobbi Bailey
The company I work for (Ascend Performance Materials) has a job opening for a Talent Development Specialist.  This is a full-time employment opportunity and will be ba...
Articulate Storyline 16 minutes ago
By Bobbi Bailey
Renato Gouveia
Hello guys! How can i change the color of the texts in Rise? 😟😟😟
Rise 42 minutes ago
By Denis Doan
mohit rajan
Hello there,  My organization currently uses Office 365 videos to do knowledge sharing of key process areas.  When i try to convert these videos into a self learning...
Rise 1 hour ago
By mohit rajan
Trudy Conley
I created a Custom Menu layer in my Slide Master.  When you click on a menu button the Menu layer pops up.  It has boxes with text that are linked to specific slides. ...
Articulate Storyline 2 hours ago
By Trudy Conley
Catherine Beggs-Hinkson
Does anyone or has anyone converted Adobe Captivate courses over to Storyline?  We have a client that is asking us to convert the current Captivate courses. Without ha...
Articulate Storyline 3 hours ago
By Diego Molina
Amir Shurrab
Hi Heroes,  I am using a JS code to retrieve the student name from the LMS. My code works on Chrome but not on IE11. I tested my scorm packages on Moodle. I am publis...
Articulate Storyline 3 hours ago
By Nimet Cubukcu
Keith Kemsley
When I publish a Studio 360 course, there are 6 slides that cannot be accessed from the navigation menu and the previous slide does not advance automatically to the fi...
Articulate Presenter 5 hours ago
By Keith Kemsley
Wendy Morgan
Building a module published here: clients had the attached comments. They all appear to be bugs...?
Articulate Storyline 5 hours ago
By Wendy Morgan
Curtis Poole
Storyline 360 video import of an MP4 output from Camtasia 3 suddenly stopped working. I first get the error report message shown in attachment 1. Then the application ...
Articulate Storyline 7 hours ago
By Curtis Poole
Marilyn Freedberg
We need someone technically strong in Storyline to help us build templates for our organization. We would like someone who can serve as a technical advisor (as oppose...
Articulate Storyline 8 hours ago
By Rishi Thakur
Philippe JEANTY
Hi I need help again. I would like to use the embryo drawing as a background and superimpose the drawing of the arrow such that the arrows start appearing at the top o...
Articulate Storyline 10 hours ago
By Philippe JEANTY
Vassiliki Bouki
Hi, I wonder if the new player for articulate storyline 3, runs javascript in the offline mode. In the previous versions (storyline 1 and 2) it was not possible to ru...
Articulate Storyline 14 hours ago
By Lorenz T
Mary Wardlaw
I have a 1 year program with nearly 200 1/2 hour modules and need a system for registration and delivery that also allows coupons/discounts and preferably with some ty...
Articulate Storyline 14 hours ago
By Mary Wardlaw
Maud Schlich
Hello, is there any possibility to edit triggers outside of storyline2? Like in an XML-file or similiar? I have quite complex logic and am not happy with the clicking...
Articulate Storyline 16 hours ago
By Matthew Bibby
Gabriel Pardo
Hi community, here we have a little fun game for children, but I have a trouble with it. There are two layers with a loop trigger, each one with eight boxes in motion ...
Articulate Storyline 18 hours ago
By Gabriel Pardo
sameer khan
After taking update the latest storyline-360  (Article Last Updated Feb 1, 2018). A trigger “User press a key” is not working in all browser (chrome/Firefox/IE). Pleas...
Articulate Storyline 19 hours ago
By Matthew Bibby
Bobby P
Hi All, Looking for a way to adjust/change the player setting after a file has been published. I would think this is in a .js file or a .xml that I could edit. I have ...
Articulate Storyline 19 hours ago
By Bobby P
Dylan S
Hey folks,   I'm working on a new course, and it's going to involve interactions with database pages on the internet. I'm going to load particular pages from a datab...
Articulate Storyline 19 hours ago
By Matthew Bibby
Matt Stafford-Clack
Hi, I've been investigating very long (sometimes fatal) load times in my HTML5 only published version of a course and think I've tracked the culprit down to the paths...
Articulate Storyline 20 hours ago
By Matthew Bibby