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Mike Olivieri
Today we released a new beta feature in Storyline 360 called 360° images. We think you’ll love transforming any 360° image into an interactive learning experience that...
Articulate Storyline 3 days ago
By chris boucher
Ashley Terwilliger
Hey Storyline 3 users! We’ve been working hard behind the scenes on some accessibility features and enhancements to empower you to provide great learning experiences t...
Articulate Storyline 28 days ago
By Julia chaplin
Justin Grenier
After installing Microsoft's Flash-removal update, legacy Articulate apps will stop working, and Flash-only courses won't load. On October 27, 2020, Microsoft released...
Articulate Presenter 4 days ago
By Paul Hancock
Alyssa Gomez
We are excited to share our Rise 360 Accessibility Collection! In this collection, you'll find the Rise 360 Accessibility Conformance Report (VPA...
Rise 360 4 months ago
By Chino Navarro
Justin Grenier
We’ve reached the difficult decision to shut down our Articulate Online product (our legacy learning management system launched in 2007) at the end of next year —...
Articulate Presenter 3 months ago
By Leslie McKerchie
Brenton Carlini
Hello! I'm having a very odd experience here with some markers in Articulate Storyline. I've chosen the marker with a dot in the middle, and I'm trying to make this do...
Articulate Storyline 1 hour ago
By Brenton Carlini
Gordon Lam
I have recently upgraded to the new iOS 15. It seems that my existing Rise courses are not using the fonts I have under settings, which in this case is Raleway and Rob...
Rise 360 3 hours ago
By Karin Rex
Compte Skillsday
Hi! I have an issue with the tracking that is sent to my client's LMS. 2 conditions are required : I would like to use a "mark as complete" trigger, but also send the ...
Articulate Storyline 5 hours ago
By Den Miden
Erin Hommeland
I'm looking for input from the community about default alt tags. Would anyone else find this useful - for the alt tags for images (uploaded or inserted) to have a defa...
Rise 360 11 hours ago
By Laura Biscaro Parrini
Roesel Rosales
Hi, I'm working on an eLearning with a final assessment. Two of the questions I created are "Multiple Response" graded questions where the learner is supposed to choos...
Articulate Storyline 14 hours ago
By Den Miden
Kris Aguilar
Hi All, I can't seem to populate the correct pass/fail results slide on my course. I have three different potential quizzes that a user could take depending on their s...
Articulate Storyline 15 hours ago
By Kris Aguilar
Katherine Adraktas
When changes need to be made, do I make the changes and upload an updated RISE scorm file? What if I don't have a subscription? What happens to the program?&nbsp...
Rise 360 20 hours ago
By Karl Muller
Scott Foster
Hi everyone, I need some help with quizzes. I have been playing with triggers and variables but cannot get it to where I need it to be. Here are my parameters. Disabl...
Articulate Quizmaker 20 hours ago
By Scott Foster
Allan Dunlop
Hello, all. I use Brian Batt's excellent plugin to upload Storyline content ( The images in the projects are watermarked with a semi-...
Articulate Storyline 21 hours ago
By Allan Dunlop
Wade Bradt
I'm trying to build an assessment where the learner is allowed to go BACK and change previously submitted items, but we're using an item bank so that we can randomize ...
Articulate Storyline 22 hours ago
By Wade Bradt
Ana Poratelli
Hi! I´m using a trial version of articulate 360 and before purchasing the package would like to publish a course I designed on our website. I can´t manage, is it possi...
Articulate Storyline 22 hours ago
By Nguyen Hoang Long
Kendra Hutchings
Hi! My team has been experimenting with the latest accessibility updates in Rise. We're currently working to gain an understanding of screen reader...
Rise 360 24 hours ago
By BJ Campbell
Joseey Kyarrieh
At what instance does Articulate Storyline autosave??
Articulate Storyline 1 day ago
By Sarim Zie
HC Ang
Hello, I'm unable to find asset similar to the one in the image below in Storyline. Can someone point me to it? Is this something I need to download separately? I sear...
Articulate Storyline 1 day ago
By Tom Kuhlmann
scott mangold
Greetings Rise Community, I am a JS developer trying to understand which options are available for embedding my own custom JS content in the platfo...
Rise 360 1 day ago
By Henry Ryng
Laura Biscaro Parrini
Hi, I am writing modules in Rise following accessibility requirements as much as possible, but some times I need to use interactions, even just images with content, th...
Rise 360 1 day ago
By Laura Biscaro Parrini
Yi-Ting Chang
Hello everyone! I ran into an issue with a trigger and its conditions, which I eventually resolved but am curious to learn more here: In my project, I have this ...
Articulate Storyline 1 day ago
By Yi-Ting Chang
Kerry O'Rourke
This may be a silly question, but is there really no way to create a scenario in Rise using Scenario Interaction block with a person in a wheelchair? Than...
Rise 360 1 day ago
By Hazel Bartolome
Carl Wright
I have a similar situation with opening attachments. We add PDf flyers and bulletins related to content via the Multimedia/File Attachment block. When a learner clicks...
Rise 360 1 day ago
By Hazel Bartolome
Carmelo Moschella
Hi All, I am using 360 Storyline to create an evaluation questionnaire. On slides 1.2 to 1.6 (The fie is attached) the user selects an opt...
Articulate Storyline 1 day ago
By Carmelo Moschella