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Nicole Legault
New feature alert! We just shipped the latest new goodie in Rise, the process block. Now you can add process interactions to the custom lessons you create with blocks...
Rise 1 day ago
By Astha Parmar
Kelly Meeker
Breaking news! There’s a handy new feature in Articulate Review that makes it a cinch to organize your e-learning content: folders. Create content, publish to Articul...
Articulate Review 5 days ago
By Ashley Terwilliger
Trina Rimmer
We’re super excited to share the latest new goodness in Rise: the sorting block. Now you can easily add sorting interactions to the custom lessons you create with bloc...
Rise 27 days ago
By Steve Morey
Allison LaMotte
Have you ever wished you could incorporate a labeled graphics interaction in a blocks lesson? Now you can! With this great new Rise feature, you can add multiple labe...
Rise 3 days ago
By Leslie McKerchie
Shamil Velhal
Hi, I have a slide that shows different layers depending the button you click on the slide. So BtnA will show LayerA, BtnB will show LayerB and so on. In all layers t...
Articulate Storyline 17 minutes ago
By Shamil Velhal
Mirjana Šarić
Hi, I made Accordion type of interaction in Engage. When I imported it in Storyline, I would like to achive that the user has to click on every part of interaction be...
Articulate Storyline 1 hour ago
By Mirjana Šarić
Varda Cohen Lifshitz
Hi, I want to replace one audio track file with another file. I do not see the change track option anywhere. What is the correct procedure and menu item to use? Cur...
Articulate Storyline 4 hours ago
By Varda Cohen Lifshitz
Bridgette Epps
In Rise, I embedded a Youtube video to play in the knowledge check. However, when the answer is selected, the video continues playing even after the knowledge check is...
Rise 10 hours ago
By Bridgette Epps
Bill Lindenmuth
I am updating some of my answers in a drag and drop exercise we completed a couple of years ago. How do you update the answers on a layer?
Articulate Storyline 12 hours ago
By Bill Lindenmuth
Caron Newman
Has anyone figured out a way to include bulleted text or graphics in the Interactive Tabs block?
Rise 13 hours ago
By J Rodriguez
Miran Ahmed
Hi everyone, I'm new to SL360, and just built my first file which is intended as a quiz to be uploaded to my LMS website.  However, I keep getting an annoying error m...
Articulate Storyline 13 hours ago
By Miran Ahmed
Mark Kizilos
I have a couple of issues related to text boxes and the display of variable text in Storyline. First, I can't seem to figure out any way of limiting the amount of tex...
Articulate Storyline 17 hours ago
By Starla West
Eitan Teomi
Hi there, I noticed that if I use a PNG file with alpha channel as a logo in the player, it still appears with a white background in the player. Is there a way around...
Articulate Storyline 17 hours ago
By Eitan Teomi
Carin Moss
Hello- I've imported a scene that used the Resources link in the player, but I dont want it to show on those slides. I've tried resetting the player, but it is still s...
Articulate Storyline 18 hours ago
By Carin Moss
Bernhard Gmoser
Hello everybody, when I tried to customize the Quick access toolbar within the Video Editor, I found out, that all the shortcuts I created there were lost, when I clo...
Articulate Quizmaker 19 hours ago
By Bernhard Gmoser
heloise clair
Hi i've been given a Template where in a scene the slides a on a line instead of a column. Not easy to work with. I've been through all my books and didn't find anyth...
Articulate Storyline 19 hours ago
By heloise clair
Alex Haddox
I am using the publish to video of Storyline 360 Desktop App and having lots of trouble. Fist, the audio quality is poor. I use high-quality audio narration (uncompre...
Articulate Storyline 22 hours ago
By Scott Szymanski
Paul Rhodes
I am export courses from Rise to an LMS using Scorm 1.2.  Firstly, Im both a mac and a PC.  Neither course appear to have the IMS Manifest file.  I have tried to load ...
Rise 1 day ago
By Paul Rhodes
Deez Taz
Does anyone have any info or advice on how to handle this. I've been banging my head on a wall for the past 2 days now trying to think on how to tackle this. Staring a...
Articulate Storyline 1 day ago
Lewis Eigen
In the LMS we are about to use, we can get the student name since the SCORM runtime variable for it is "cmi.core.student_name".  However, how do I get it as a variable...
Articulate Storyline 1 day ago
By Thomas Albright
Wayne Judd
Hi,   I'd really like to be able to edit the results slide which comes up in Rise but can't see an obvious way to do so. Is this possible? Thanks, Wayne
Rise 1 day ago
By kelsey rodgers
Chelsea Simon
I am having difficulty making a button appear after the student has gone thru all the slides and would like to revisit a particular slide to review the information bef...
Articulate Storyline 1 day ago
By Chelsea Simon
Silvia  Vogel
Is it possible to remove the lesson progression number and the percentage complete labels completely? I know you can customise the labels, but I would like to remove t...
Rise 1 day ago
By kelsey rodgers
Rix 81
Hi guys, please can you help me? I'm having a nightmare with states when a user revisits a slide on the resumed state. I want users to be able to click on 5 documents ...
Articulate Storyline 1 day ago
By Rix 81