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Justin Grenier
We’re so excited about the latest new feature in Rise: Storyline blocks! You can now have the best of both worlds: custom interactivity with Storyline 360 and easy we...
Rise 2 days ago
By Bill Kemsley
Adam Schwartz
Hello everyone: Today we released a new Rise feature called folders. Folders make organizing your Rise courses a lot easier.  Check out this 2-minute video and this ...
Rise 17 hours ago
By Tim Spaid
Trina Rimmer
Hi everyone, We’ve just added some cool new features to Rise and I wanted to give you a quick overview. Collaboration: Now you can collaborate with other Articulate ...
Rise 15 days ago
By Trina Rimmer
Trina Rimmer
Hi everyone, We’ve just added some exciting new features to Articulate Storyline 360 and I wanted to share the highlights with you. Team slides: Sharing Storyline 36...
Articulate Storyline 7 days ago
By Trina Rimmer
Justin Grenier
You may have heard that Adobe is phasing out support for Flash in 2020. We’ve known that Flash has been on its way out for some time. To make sure we’re ready, we’ve b...
Articulate Storyline 2 days ago
By Stephanie Long
Ashley Terwilliger
I'm excited to let you know that you can now export Rise courses for Tin Can API (xAPI)! Check out this Peek video to see how easy it is. Enjoy! 
Rise 29 days ago
By Aida Debibi
Emalyn L
Hi, Do you have a pdf for player color guide like in Storyline 1 & 2? I cna't find it anywhere? Something like the attached file. Thanks!
Articulate Storyline 1 month ago
By Ashley Terwilliger
Simon Taghioff
Hi everyone, We’ve just released a major expansion to Content Library – your subscription now includes over 1.5 million beautiful photos, illustrations, icons, and vi...
Articulate Storyline 3 hours ago
By homer simpson
Simon Taghioff
Hey folks, We just released a new feature for Storyline 360: Closed Captions! This is one of our most requested features, and allows you to add closed captions to bot...
Articulate Storyline 4 days ago
By Leslie McKerchie
Cheryl Diermyer
Hi all. I'm new to RISE. I am exploring the quizzing features and am finding them lacking. I'm I correct in that there is only one right answer question type? For exam...
Rise 4 minutes ago
By Daniel Brigham
Aidan Simpson
Hi Folks, I'm wondering if anyone experienced any issues with the formatting in the published manifest file?  The publish is showing up like this - and seems to be a...
Articulate Storyline 7 minutes ago
By Justin Grenier
Ellen Wahlen
I need to create a quiz that can have either one of two answers as the correct choice.  I am giving 3 choices (A B & C), but either A or B can be correct.  Is ther...
Articulate Storyline 11 minutes ago
By Jenna Gallagher
Roland Straub
Hi all, When I spell check (F7) a project and I start checking on the first slide, the spelling window remains on slide 1, while I would love it to advance to the sli...
Articulate Storyline 23 minutes ago
By Roland Straub
Amy Heber
When I do a Record Screen at 4:3 Story Size, the recording fills the screen,( see attached). When I do the same recording at 16:9,  there is space on the top and botto...
Articulate Storyline 28 minutes ago
By Brett Rockwood
Stimpson Cat
Hi all, I've been publishing a Storyline file for SCORM 2004 3rd edition using Storyline's publish for LMS feature. I've encountered a weird behaviour: the imsmanifes...
Articulate Storyline 1 hour ago
By Aidan Simpson
Marc Crawford
Hi,   It's fairly obvious that the Storyline product is having major problems with constant reports of corrupting files. The software simply must be more robust or o...
Articulate Storyline 1 hour ago
By Brian Allen
Kate Hart
Hi, Is there a way to enforce a second attempt for learners on knowledge checks? We'd like them to be able to have one more go only (rather than an indefinite number ...
Articulate Storyline 2 hours ago
By Kate Hart
Yang Yang
Hi all I have disabled the Prev and Next button for all the slides.  I have created a custom button to allow reset the quiz. I published the project to both html5 and...
Articulate Storyline 2 hours ago
By Christophe Jacobs
Yusuke Takahashi
Hi I'm facing the trouble as I attached that our storyline contents can't be seen on iPad (more specifically iPad 3) from the top page. We created it by Articulate S...
Articulate Storyline 2 hours ago
By Yusuke Takahashi
Sachin Taank
Hi everyone I have done some searching around but I cannot get this to work. I have a slide that has two Groups on there that when you click each one, takes you to d...
Articulate Storyline 3 hours ago
By Wendy Farmer
Matt Bradshaw
Many of the stories I'm creating have a number of videos. If I upload the videos to Articulate Review directly and share the individual links to our reviewers, commen...
Articulate Review 3 hours ago
By Matt Bradshaw
Tracey Gallipeau
I have three separate results slides for three Quizzes and would like to pass these results to a final Results Slide. I have added the slide but can't seem to get the ...
Articulate Storyline 3 hours ago
By Ruth Mahoney
Wanda Blackett
Hello! We have created a math assessment for our LMS (Desire2Learn), and upon testing it in on the site I can see that the reporting is getting some strange results. ...
Articulate Storyline 4 hours ago
By Elena Urbanova
Isabella Winkler
Hey all, I have a problem with usage of the "Devider (Continue)" in Rise. I would like to see more deviders at once, e.g. three. I set the property in each divider on...
Rise 4 hours ago
By Isabella Winkler
Chris Pim
I am using Storyline 360 and outputting HTML5 only as SCORM 1.2 in Moodle I am designing a complex project where I want people to revisit the project on resume and ha...
Articulate Storyline 4 hours ago
By Chris Pim
Ken Teutsch
Do objects which can be turned into a (for example) pick-many freeform question have to be on the base layer of a slide?  Or am I missing something? I have a slide wh...
Articulate Storyline 4 hours ago
By Emma Herbert
Mark Matheson
Hi,  We have a request from a client in regards to the assessment at the end of their project. They require that certain questions HAVE to be answered correctly, whil...
Articulate Storyline 4 hours ago
By Mark Matheson
Wayne Velasco
Hi, I am having hard time on this scenario they want. There are 6 drag items. There are 2 dropzones. Two of the drag items are correct and can be dragged either ...
Articulate Storyline 4 hours ago
By Wayne Velasco
Elisabeth Gruskin
I am having trouble dividing up my text by paragraph on the timeline.  When I try to animate it or record by paragraph and divide the text into paragraphs, I am still ...
Articulate Storyline 4 hours ago
By Elisabeth Gruskin