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James Welle
Starting in January 2022, we will remove support for the Internet Explorer 11 browser (IE11) from all Articulate 360 web apps,, and E-Learning Heroes. W...
Articulate Presenter over 1 year ago
By Dave Neuweiler
Justin Grenier
After installing Microsoft's Flash-removal update, legacy Articulate apps will stop working, and Flash-only courses won't load. On October 27, 2020, Microsoft released...
Articulate Presenter 11 months ago
By hasimm ssss
Mark Stephenson
I am trying to screen record a short video clip on-line so that I can clip it into an e-learning course. I can't see an option to capture the system audio, only the mi...
Articulate Replay 9 hours ago
By Spencer Fidler
Kristina  Pappas
Can someone without an Articulate license present a PowerPoint made with articulate features? I was brought on to make training materials for my department. If I make ...
Articulate Presenter 19 hours ago
By Janet Denson
Mike Belknap
We are currently publishing our Quizmaker exams as SCORM packages to our LMS. When attempting to report on specific responses to specific questions we're running into ...
Articulate Quizmaker 2 days ago
By Joe Tansengco
Ethan Tucker
Hi, We created 18 quizzes (sub-system categories for a machine) for 17 different job positions, each quiz containing anywhere from 10 - 100 questions. There are ...
Articulate Quizmaker 3 days ago
By Ethan Tucker
Gerald Damschen
After recent updates to Edge, PowerPoint, and Studio 360 I get the following error message if I click anywhere on a slide: Custom UI Runtime Error in Articulate.Presen...
Articulate Presenter 4 days ago
By tracy berge
Tracy Creamer
How do I import a script or even write captions for video in Replay?
Articulate Replay 4 days ago
By Anahita Kadkhoda
Jane Hadley
warranty bug fix
Articulate Replay 7 days ago
By Joe Tansengco
Jane Hadley
I am trialling Replay 360 , Storyline 360 and Peek 360. When recording from my webcam the Replay video voice is out of synch. I am not getting this issue&n...
Articulate Replay 7 days ago
By Kelly Auner
Duane Stitt
Hello, When using Replay 360 to capture webcam video, and capture size above 352 x 288 is jerky (like moving under a strobe light), and audio lags behind the video. Th...
Articulate Replay 7 days ago
By Joe Tansengco
Patrick Bradley
I'm pretty new to using Replay 360, and trying to see if it's even worth learning for recording videos. The way I typically record video is using SnagIt. Sometimes I r...
Articulate Replay 8 days ago
By Jane Hadley
Manuel Arellano
My company has a list of 384 acronyms in an Engage 13 file. They are outdated and I will be updating them. I would like to download/convert/save the content in a Googl...
Articulate Engage 9 days ago
By Manuel Arellano
Gary Herring
When importing MP4 Videos into replay no video is available it's blank. Only the sound shows up. When I tested the MP4 videos with other players No problem. Please see...
Articulate Replay 11 days ago
By Joe Tansengco
Klaire Sohns
Two days ago (27.01.2021) I used relpay to record my screen for a project. Now, I wanted to go back on the replay file to edit the sound/length etc. and I get an error...
Articulate Replay 17 days ago
By Joe Tansengco
Jessica Anderson
I created a new quiz with a new results slide, and when I test the Review Quiz option, every question is marked Red Incorrect. I expect the questions I got right to sh...
Articulate Quizmaker 17 days ago
By Joe Tansengco
Hi, I've seen some older posts on creating a progress bar or some other visual indication in a quiz so that learner knows how much further they have to go till the end...
Articulate Quizmaker 18 days ago
By Scott BAKER
Stephanie Maynard
I have been working on a file from my desktop and have recently been experiencing an issue where I update the audio, but when I go to publish the file in Webview it re...
Articulate Presenter 21 days ago
By John Morgan
Natalie Bourgeois
I have a 52 minute video I'm trying to edit in Replay. However, it stops playing at the 17:02 minute mark. I need to cut out about 10 minutes in the middle of the vide...
Articulate Replay 22 days ago
By Luciana Piazza
Jessica Steffan
We would like to report to Tableau and other potential systems. Is that possible?
Articulate Quizmaker 22 days ago
By John Morgan
Anita Brown
Greetings, I have a video file that has imported on its side in Replay. How do I rotate 90 degrees?
Articulate Replay 22 days ago
By Norman Gupton
lori whisenant
I recorded the audio on my presentations using presenter (not storyline 360). Is there a way to add captions of the audio?
Articulate Presenter 22 days ago
By Steven Benassi