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Robert Craig
With the most recent update to Replay, I now am unable to make any edits to my timeline (add/update/adjust a "lower third" item) without receiving a "bug error" messag...
Articulate Replay 8 minutes ago
By Marco Madrazo
Darren Broe
Hi, Was hoping someone could help me out with this. We present courses built in Presenter 360 to our users in a pop-out window. This pop-out window is and has always ...
Articulate Presenter 3 hours ago
By Darren Broe
Elisha Van
For the SCORM courses being generated out of Articulate, there is an issue with the Manifest file when trying to upload into our ELM.  It is putting in a line that loo...
Articulate Quizmaker 3 hours ago
By Phil Mayor
Deedra Schoudel
I want to add that I too have had nothing but issues with the latest update.  I get an error whenever I try to edit or publish any file created in the program.
Articulate Replay 6 hours ago
By Deedra Schoudel
Minal Mobharkar
Hi, I developed interactive slides on Studio 360 Presenter - Engage and Quizmaker, but when I installed the update which came yesterday now I can neither preview anyth...
Articulate Presenter 20 hours ago
By Minal Mobharkar
Hassy Abraham
Hi, In my success result page I have enabled the review quiz option, yet while I run the quiz and click on the Review Quiz button nothing happens.  Any idea why this...
Articulate Quizmaker 21 hours ago
By Antonio Gonzalez
Theressia Hazelmyer
Hi, I'm still pretty new.  I'm using Presenter '13 to build a course from PowerPoint.  When I add a video, I check the box to show video controls but when I preview th...
Articulate Presenter 22 hours ago
By Cathy Lewis
Jared Scott
IS there something I am missing - I have changed my ActiveX settings per the direction from Articulate and also reinstalled Adobe Flash - and I still get the following...
Articulate Presenter 22 hours ago
By Brian Nalley
Marianne Madison
Good morning, I use Articulate Presenter '13 to publish Powerpoint for use in our LMS.  I also publish from that Powerpoint a Word file to attach as a resource.  I've...
Articulate Presenter 23 hours ago
By Ashley Terwilliger
Jeffrey Foster
Replay has worked great up until the recent update.  Now it seems to capture what you want to capture but whenever you try to edit or publish, you get the dreaded "We'...
Articulate Replay 24 hours ago
By Jeffrey Foster
Mary Anne Buck
Just installed Articulate 360 and after launching Powerpoint,  when attempting to use any Articulate ribbon items will receive a generic message that an unexpected err...
Articulate Presenter 24 hours ago
By Katie Gokhshteyn
Aya Hafez
Hello, I am starting a new project on replay and I would like to upload a video that is  1GB size and AVI type. The file seems to be taking forever to be uploaded. I h...
Articulate Replay 24 hours ago
By Aya Hafez
Kristin Finnegan
Hi- I created a sequence drag&drop question but when I preview it, it only gives one option. I also can't move that option. When I hit submit it tells me I need to...
Articulate Quizmaker 1 day ago
By Alyssa Gomez
Pam Pappenheim
Previously, I have been able to use the fade transition in Replay but in my current project I keep dragging the replay screenrecording videos together and the fade tra...
Articulate Replay 1 day ago
By Alyssa Gomez
Joel Bertrand
Is it possible to modify the printed results page (print results) in Quizmaker 360? We prefer the print option to NOT display the questions and answers, only the results.
Articulate Quizmaker 1 day ago
By Ashley Terwilliger
Dylan Kessler
None of my Articulate Replay 360 files will open. After recording and saving the project, all of the files give a prompt saying "This project cannot be opened.  I may ...
Articulate Replay 1 day ago
By Alyssa Gomez
Rebecca Jung
Hello everyone, when publishing it is possible to increase the picture quality to, for instance, 100 %. I have tried that but now I am encountering problems regarding...
Articulate Presenter 1 day ago
By Leslie McKerchie
Marcella Sabine
I create lots of graded questions that are sequence drag and drop and matching questions. I'd really like to decrease the font size on the answer options. -- the answe...
Articulate Quizmaker 1 day ago
By Teresa Vanderpost
Terje Kjendalen
Hello Is it possible to import a MP4 video into Articulate Replay for editing? I originally made the video in Replay but I obviously saved it on my computer as a MP4...
Articulate Replay 2 days ago
By Alyssa Gomez
Clare Futcher
Hiya Everyone I bet this is a really easy one that has been asked MANY a time.... I am creating an e-learning along side a classroom course.  The classroom course wou...
Articulate Engage 2 days ago
By Leslie McKerchie