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Stephanie Wojdyla
Hi everyone, I created a powerpoint presenter file that includes both engage files and a quizmaker file. When I exported the course as a Scorm file both the Quiz and i...
Articulate Presenter 19 hours ago
By Stephanie Wojdyla
Angel Matherly
I have entered in the text that I would like to show but the box is not big enough. It has a scroll bar to the right and I don't like the way that it looks.&nbsp...
Articulate Engage 19 hours ago
By first aesir
IT Mitr
Hi, In QuizMaker output showing scroll in question. This is not showing every time. Thanks,
Articulate Quizmaker 21 hours ago
By IT Mitr
Natasha Rider
Is it possible to record a Teams/Zoom presentation and capture their audio in the recording? If so, how is this done? If not, are there plans to add this capability?&n...
Articulate Replay 5 days ago
By Lauren Connelly
Bill Kemsley
Hi, Storyline 360 recently got a player facelift in the form of "Modern Player." Are there plans to add a Modern Player to Studio 360? - Bill
Articulate Presenter 5 days ago
By Caroline Marty
Kimberley Sargent
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Articulate Presenter 5 days ago
By chin woo
Tobias Huprich
Good Day, i created custom certificate via a Button and the Action: "Open File/URL". I defined the adress relative, so it is "html_cert/certificate.html". ...
Articulate Quizmaker 6 days ago
By Tobias Huprich
Patrick Dobbs
I'm evaluating Articulate 360 to determine whether the upgrade is justifiable for my team. I have been very impressed. However, one teammate and now I have been stoppe...
Articulate Presenter 6 days ago
By Leslie McKerchie
Mark  Astudillo
Hello, I have created a quiz using Quizmaker '13 and imported the quiz into SL. When preview or publish, answer choices text is only visible when I roll over the text,...
Articulate Quizmaker 7 days ago
By Dave Cox
Mitch Williams
I have two computers running Articulate Presenter. I need to translate about 570 modules into multiple different languages and am using the Translate->Export to Wor...
Articulate Presenter 7 days ago
By Ren Gomez
Brittany Sonderby
Within Articulate Presenter, is it possible to make it so that a learner must wait for a certain period of time (for example, 20 seconds) before they may click to adva...
Articulate Presenter 7 days ago
By Elizabeth Pawlicki
Gail Carmichael
I have a large mp4 file (414,523 KB) and have been tasked to break it up into smaller, more manageable pieces. I have started this process but all of the extracted pie...
Articulate Replay 7 days ago
By Vincent Scoma
Andrea Stone
We need to offer training to contractors who are outside our LMS system. Is there a free/low cost service that will allow us to upload SCORM content and provide an ope...
Articulate Presenter 10 days ago
By Sarah Seang
Elizabeth Frank
Trying to get the Score so far feature added to a quiz. I see it in the Player Properties > Text Labels list, but can't find anything on how to actually add i...
Articulate Quizmaker 11 days ago
By Leslie McKerchie
Becky Van Dusen
When I try to add a video of a separate Replay file, it indicates that it does not appear to be a valid video file. I have published that file.
Articulate Replay 12 days ago
By Katie Riggio
Brandon Weidner
For years my dept. has created content old-school: Powerpoint > Articulate 360 > SCORM > publish to LMS. The source material has always been anima...
Articulate Presenter 12 days ago
By Brandon Weidner
Bonjour, L'interactions FAQ correspond tout à fait à ce que je recherche ! Je dispose d'Articulate 360 avec StoryLine, Studio, Replay et Peek 360. Où trouver Engage 36...
Articulate Engage 12 days ago
By Corinne LACOSTE
Sajna Thomas
Hi, This is a weird issue. I have a short course with 2 quiz slides in it. The first Quiz slide has one Q with feedback to the choices selected. The second doesn't. Wh...
Articulate Presenter 13 days ago
By Katie Riggio
Jim Powell
Articulate presenter is always blowing up on me and I've lose video and audio at least 30 or more times over the last four years. It just occurred to me (duh) t...
Articulate Presenter 13 days ago
By Jason Merrill
Laramie Mack
I am using Presenter 360 to create a narrated presentation. I have edited the audio clips length and added in silence where needed. I didn't have any issues with those...
Articulate Presenter 13 days ago
By Katie Riggio