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Mike Olivieri
Today we released a new feature for Articulate 360 Teams that makes it even easier to manage large training teams. Now you can assign different admins to manage differ...
2 months ago
By Mike Olivieri
Mike Olivieri
Today we announced new features and content in Articulate 360 including two new block types coming in Rise. It’s already stunningly easy to create engaging lessons wi...
2 days ago
By Cristian Patino
Kelly Meeker
Creating content in Rise just got even easier. We’ve rolled out a new shortcut bar that makes it a cinch to add your favorite blocks to lessons quickly. And with all ...
2 months ago
By Drew Everett
Ponvignesh K
I have pressed the "continue" button and closed the window and when coming back I had to restart all over again.
6 minutes ago
By Allison LaMotte
Nicholas Harrell
Can you import animated gifs into Rise?
11 minutes ago
By Allison LaMotte
jeff wright
Hello, it's possible to create a labelled graphic with hot-spot overlays providing a text explanation. I need something like this but in a text overlay situation inst...
13 minutes ago
By Allison LaMotte
Angela O'Brien
Hi Community,  Out of interest, has anyone used the Rise preview link for a small number of participants? We don't need to capture any tracking and the course has a v...
18 minutes ago
By Allison LaMotte
Natalia Gonzalez
We have found that using the same resources in the creation of an eLearning course in Storyline and in Rise,  when we publish the file in SCORM it´much bigger in Rise ...
23 minutes ago
By Siobhan Keleher
I am exporting a course out of Rise for an LMS using scorm 1.2 (see attachment).  I use these settings (I don't get any tracking options) but when the file downloads i...
38 minutes ago
David Lockett
Hi, I created a flashcard interaction in a Rise course covering the navigation of the module and help instructions. It has 2 flashcards and looks fine in both edit and...
1 hour ago
By Salomé Desanges
Michael Schear
Is anyone having an issue where they are unable to duplicate a lesson in the Rise course? The option to 'Duplicate' is available, but when selected, nothing happens. M...
10 hours ago
By Ivonne Ambrozkiewicz
Ben Rodriguez
Hi all, Is it possible to assign a co-owner to a course? I'm interested in setting up Rise so that multiple team members can currently have permission to edit and ex...
13 hours ago
By Jay Peaurt
Angela Dawson
Hi team When adding images to Rise tabs and accordians they are automatically left aligned which is ok if the image is landscape and fills the space but if the image ...
20 hours ago
By Max Mielke
Clive Hands
Is there a way of preventing a user from mouse-selecting the text or content within the SCORM package to copy it?
2 days ago
By Clive Hands
Meg Goodine
Hi  Just wondering if there is a way to download and reuse this template: Thanks
2 days ago
By Beth Oprisch
Anthony Goss
I noticed this evening when I was working on a process interaction that a new field for Background Color has been added.  However, when I attempt to add a new color, n...
2 days ago
By Anthony Goss
Justin Phillips
I'm developing some material and the project owner has asked about the feasibility of allowing end users to input text which could be reported back to our LMS. We'd th...
2 days ago
By Lauren Kauffman
Wesley Scott
Hello Everyone, My company has recently started building courses in Rise; we love the ease of use and the layout in which the course is presented to the client.  Rise...
2 days ago
By Wesley Scott
Elizabeth Dennis
I am trying to publish Rise files to SuccessFactors as AICC files. We don't use icontent so I can't do SCORM. I've read every discussion on this topic and can't find a...
2 days ago
By Brett Lee
Faye S.
Hi - I was wondering if there were any updates on adding an auto play feature for media in Rise? The learner would have to hit play for audio and/or video in each less...
2 days ago
By Daniel Bolia
Kate Brownlee
I am new to articulate and have just developed our first Rise courses. The course authoring system/website for our courses is homegrown and it is not SCORM compliant. ...
3 days ago
By Kate Brownlee
Kendra Perry-Mullis
Hi friends, I'm new to Rise 360 and I'm trying to build a sample course. This is a video-heavy course. I was hoping that instead of adding a bunch of text in Camtasia...
3 days ago
By Kendra Perry-Mullis
Janet Robertson
Hi I got a bit carried away (having fun!) and was adding all my blocks to one lesson. I now want to move or copy some of the blocks to a separate lesson or section. O...
3 days ago
By Anthony Karcz