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Alyssa Gomez
Our team has been working behind the scenes to make accessibility improvements to Rise 360. Now, we’re ready to reveal what we’ve accomplished so far! We know ho...
5 days ago
By Crystal Horn
Mike Olivieri
Creating gorgeous courses with Rise 360 is even faster and easier with the new image cropping feature we’ve just released. Whether you’re using an image from Con...
1 month ago
By Helen Dudley
Martin Fischer
Dear all, So we're trying to move ahead with moving to Rise 360 but are struggling in the sense that the output that is produced has issues playing on our LMS (PeopleF...
2 hours ago
By Martin Fischer
Hi. I attached a SL block on my Rise course and I wanted it autoplay on display. It is fine on desktop but when I preview on mobile, I notice that it doesn't autoplay....
3 hours ago
By Denise Mann
Catherine Conley
I'd like to use RISE to deliver a set of videos. However, users can right click and download the video - even when the course is housed within our LMS. Is there ...
7 hours ago
By Kev Williams
Arleen Lafuente
Hi I've created a package using Rise 360 which utilised the matching type. It's already been approved by my customer. However, when I published on our webse...
9 hours ago
By Arleen Lafuente
Michael Bauer
Hi all Is there a way I can remove the arrows on the info pop-ups on a labelled graphic? As I only have one icon on this image, the arrows aren't required.
10 hours ago
By Jennifer Turner
Joanna Evans
Hi I can see an old thread which has discussed this but am posting a new discussion in case there have been recent developments which I cannot find. I am creating a co...
10 hours ago
By Brett Rockwood
Francisco Ibanez-Carrasco
Can a learner 'pause' a Rise 360 module with quizzes, and restart later an keeping their scores? Frankie
12 hours ago
By Karl Muller
Anthony Goss
I am creating a Rise quiz. Is there a way to duplicate a quiz question? I can't seem to find how to do it if there is. I appreciate your help.
12 hours ago
By Kris Zilliox
David Gibson
I would like to copy a Rise course to be able to brand it differently for different departments. Is it possible to copy an entire course?
15 hours ago
By Karl Muller
Anthony Goss
Is anyone else experiencing this issue?
19 hours ago
By Anthony Goss
Joanne Oedit
Hello, I'm trying to upload my Rise 360 course to the subdomain of my Wordpress website. I've downloaded the course as a web only file, than extracted it. Uploaded via...
1 day ago
By C S
L' Académie
Hi, Is there an option autoplay for the audio ? In storyline, we used to automatically launch the audio each time the learner change the slide. Here in RISE, I fear he...
2 days ago
By Kjell Mathisen
Adele Newberry
I am creating a scenario block in rise and the background image seems to be blurry. Does anyone know how I can resolve this? Thanks
2 days ago
By Sandrine Rousseau
Zehra Aykut
Hi I need to use customize text color for headings and subheadings, each time I copy and paste hex code in color palette. Is there any way to save this colors in color...
2 days ago
By Erin Hommeland
Erin Hommeland
I'd like to be able to designate and save a set of colors that I'm using in each course. Having to copy and paste the HEX codes each time I need to apply a "non -stand...
2 days ago
By Erin Hommeland
Rosemary Aylward
Is there anyway to change the default color from the "grey black" to "dark black"? I find the grey/black doesn't show enough contrast. I know I can change it manu...
2 days ago
By Erin Hommeland
Guy Bosworth
Was wondering if there is a way to make 4 flashcards appear as two over two rather than three over one? I've checked settings but don't see that as an option.
2 days ago
By Erin Hommeland
James Landrigan
Hello, Is it possible for a Rise course to report the learners percentage progress to an LMS (or anywhere)? I know that the course records progress internally so...
2 days ago
By Alyssa Gomez
Kyle Paruszkiewicz
Hello, I'm loving Rise so far as an addition to the Articulate product line. Is there a way to show audio transcript? In Storyline 2 I utilize the notes section and th...
3 days ago
By Stefaniada Voichita
Jane Jordan
There is a row of 3 in the flashcard grid. I would like to remove one in the row and keep the same size flashcard. When I delete one it defaults to making the fl...
3 days ago
By Guy Bosworth