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James Welle
Starting in January 2022, we will remove support for the Internet Explorer 11 browser (IE11) from all Articulate 360 web apps,, and E-Learning Heroes. W...
25 days ago
By Hazel Bartolome
Jess Miller
Hello! I haven't combed through all the Rise templates but wanted to see if anyone has seen a template w/a decision tree exercise in it? I'm not opposed to...
13 minutes ago
By Elizabeth Pawlicki
Beth Hathaway
Good morning, This morning, I am see a "double" effect in the numbers in a pie chart I am adding. Instead of 41% being displayed, the number shows as 41.41% (see attac...
18 minutes ago
By Beth Hathaway
Rosemary Bousfield
I am interested in changing the default accent colors to align to our company brand color scheme. How can that me done? Thank you.
23 minutes ago
By Terry Simmons
Kevin Baker
I exported a Rise course to xAPI. When I tested on my site, some navigation buttons inside the course relaunched the course in a separate window. Obviously, Rise doesn...
27 minutes ago
By Kevin Baker
Barbrah Nanyunja
A reviewer noted that the Continue button in a Scenario block is the theme color when using the Text option but white when using the Dialog option, which is inconsiste...
2 hours ago
By Raising Voices
Balázs Szabados
Hi there, we are starting to localize our e-learnings created in Rise 360 to different languages. Has anyone have experiences with 3rd party translatio...
2 hours ago
By Clara
Alphonso Hendricks
How do I type in RISE quiz question and answer? Please tell me its possible.
3 hours ago
By Roisin Feeney
Penny Spacht
I'm adding a banner photo (from the content library) with a centered quote at the beginning of every lesson. It publishes perfectly in Review. However...
3 hours ago
By Krishnakumar Nair
Matthew Jung
We're trying to send out a RISE 260 file with an attachment, but for some reason the "i" in Christmas is being capitalized in the course itself, despite it not being c...
3 hours ago
By Matthew Jung
Jessica Rentel
I accidentally deleted a lesson and didn't realize it until i did the preview. I dont really want to redo the whole thing. :(
3 hours ago
By Brian Cook
Naeem Noordin
Can anyone please advice on how i could print out a certificate of completion on articulate rise? Many thanks Naeem
4 hours ago
By Birgitte Remstad
Steve Townsend
Does anyone know the the asset dimensions for the cover photo and logos you can upload to customize your Rise courses? Or where that info might be listed? It's not vis...
5 hours ago
By Dmitriy Ukolkin
Alice Bingham
Good afternoon, I'm trying to embed a Rise (exported to web and hosted on our server) into another Rise. I used the embed block but when I add the iframe, it jus...
5 hours ago
By Alice Bingham
Sara Andersson
hej, we are doing a paragraph with heading (rise) and for some reason the bullets in the list refuse to change colour as shown in the attached picture - do you k...
5 hours ago
By Paul Casey
Graeme Foulds
Hi. The (relatively) new Quick Insert option in Rise allows one to add tables, number lists and bulleted lists to Accordion tabs without issue. However, if...
15 hours ago
By Starla Wehrli
Steve Pajerski
Is it possible to have a large database of questions for a quiz so that you can randomize questions and not get repeats as often? (i.e. 10 question quiz pulling random...
16 hours ago
By Kristeen Robertson
Fiona Byrne
Hi I'm new to Rise. I'm using the free trial version. I've created a course. Can I download it and export it to my folder in the Amazon Web Services account I've creat...
2 days ago
By Fiona Byrne
Kimberly DeMucha Kalil
Is it possible to make an audio clip auto play in Rise? And if so, how can I do this?
2 days ago
By Paul Brennan
QA & Development
I added a knowledge check matching question type to my Rise course, but am experiencing issues with it showing up. In the published-to-review version, the question app...
2 days ago
By Lea Agato
Gerald Tolentino
Hi. I created an SBT course in Rise with multiple avatars and found out that the SCORM file generated is too large (143 MB). I checked the zip folder and it appears th...
2 days ago
By Lea Agato