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Alyssa Gomez
We are excited to share our Rise 360 Accessibility Collection! In this collection, you'll find the Rise 360 Accessibility Conformance Report (VPA...
17 days ago
By Marvie Yap-Mulder
Mike Olivieri
Creating gorgeous courses with Rise 360 is even faster and easier with the new image cropping feature we’ve just released. Whether you’re using an image from Con...
5 days ago
By John Haney
Tyrone Lewis
PLEASE help! I am trying to build a 20 True of False questions assessment in Rise 360. I want to add one question with instructions and specific correct/incorrec...
11 minutes ago
By Karl Muller
Xavier Bourguignon
Hi, Does anyone know how to get Rise 360 to stop processing videos? I ask because our MP4 videos are encoded so we have the best quality for the least size possible an...
13 minutes ago
By Karl Muller
Paco Giménez
Is there a way to save the projects locally rather than in the cloud? For security and ISO issues, my company can't work with software that stores projects in the clou...
19 minutes ago
By Karl Muller
Sharon Mandel
I have a technical query here. When you're in a block in Rise, how do you insert images? It seems the only way to do that is to create another block. Is that right?
21 minutes ago
By Karl Muller
Peggy Krohn
I have a section with two lessons. One lesson is populated; the second one is not and the second one still has the placeholder, Add a Lesson Title here. When I hover o...
25 minutes ago
By Karl Muller
Anthony Blair
Hi, We have been building Rise packages and uploading to our Totara V12. Some of the packages are marked as completed correctly when I progress to 100% but then when I...
26 minutes ago
By Alyssa Gomez
Ryan Sadleir
Hi, We have two courses that were previously created in Rise 360 and then downloaded to add to our learning platform. The person that created the courses left th...
31 minutes ago
By Karl Muller
Liz Guilfoyle
I have been asked to add an activity icon to headings where there's an interactive. Can you please explain how I might be able to do that?
35 minutes ago
By Liz Guilfoyle
CompliSpace Client Learning
Is it possible to add hyperlinks to internal locations (i.e. same course) on anything other than a button? For example, I'd love to be able to hyperlink markers on a l...
41 minutes ago
By Lisa Schmaltz
Felix Sintes
Hello, In firefox, my course progression only works if we scroll slowly. The "continue to next lesson" button doesn't appear. Is this a known bug and can we fix? Thank...
2 hours ago
By Stefan Polzin
The buttons in Rise allow you to link to different lessons in your course but there are times when there is a need to connect a text or an image to a particular lesson...
3 hours ago
By Kelly Eelen
Kimberlee Boyd
Is it possible to use more than one accent color (Theme) in Rise 360? I've used an orange from one of our logo colors (because so many other projects use the blue) and...
4 hours ago
By kathleen murphy
Will Findlay
I am considering creating a very video heavy Rise course. However, I am worried about my LMS timing out. Does Rise contact the LMS after each move to a new page?
5 hours ago
By Mike Zaluski
Suzanne Hill
Request/idea for future release: could you enable the addition of a poster frame to videos in Rise? It would add a level of polish to the videos. I know that I can add...
7 hours ago
By Aitor Martinez
Sara Swier
After releasing a Rise course (a microlearning) to the public, I made some changes to it. I changed some questions, text, and photo's after receiving feedback from the...
7 hours ago
By Sara Swier
Ellen Brodsky
Hello everyone. A course I'm working on really needs to allow learners to type their own ideas into text fields. Their input is saved and can be edited if they come ba...
8 hours ago
By Math Notermans
Stoney Gaddy
Greetings all, I've done the SCORM thing but we'd love to keep our Canvas pages free of multiple scrollbars and having to scroll up and down with two scrollbars to see...
11 hours ago
By Math Notermans
David Wolfe
Hello. I have a lesson that comes after a Quiz to wrap up the module and thank the student for participating. However, there is no way to add a "Continue" button...
13 hours ago
By Lance Crowe
Brian Farkas
Hi, Working on a project and we will be exporting the rise course into a scorm package. I was hoping to tweak a couple of html things to he core content (fix a few lin...
16 hours ago
By Brian Farkas
Curtis Glenn
Recently, I have noticed that I am not able to launch a course for editing while using Chrome. I can launch Rise dashboard in Chrome, but when I try to launch an actua...
16 hours ago
By Megan Vera