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Mike Olivieri
We’ve just released a powerful new feature in Rise 360: closed captioning. Now you can upload closed caption files to videos to make your content more accessible.&nbsp...
4 days ago
By Alyssa Gomez
Mike Olivieri
It’s already easy to build fully responsive courses quickly in Rise 360. And now, we’ve added another time-saving way to create engaging courses for every learner: tem...
19 days ago
By Jack Ding
John Curran
Rise seems to insert the logo at a fixed size on the cover page. Is it possible to make it larger? It appears quite small even on smartphones.
2 hours ago
By Audrey Greenfield
Ari Avivi
When I enter images into a tabs block in Rise the images are all right justified. Is there a way to center the image?
4 hours ago
By Francesca M
Hi, It will be helpful if the colour palette can remember 'recently used' colours please. I have to enter the HEX code, every time I have to use a particular colour. A...
5 hours ago
By Sara Vitale
Patricia Fallon
In a course built in Rise I added images to my quiz questions from the content library. Is there a way to adjust the size of the images? Right now they are too l...
5 hours ago
By Jessa Molyneux
graham hall
Hi Everyone This is my settings when exporting the SCORM from my articulate account The slides contains videos only and when I uploaded the SCORM to our LMS th...
6 hours ago
By Karl Muller
Diane Simal
I created a knowledge check where there is a question with 2 possible options. It works fine except for the "Feedback" part. Is it possible to have different fee...
6 hours ago
By Karl Muller
Seb Dianati
Hello, I have created a matching question and I'd like some help on how to stop the right-hand column to stop randomize the order of the answers. Please kindly check t...
6 hours ago
By Karl Muller
Harshad Joglekar
Hi! When we publish a course in RISE, there is the Hamburger Menu icon on the top left that appears at the start of every lesson (attached Image 1). It minimizes and m...
6 hours ago
By Mark Banit
Dear all, I have the following question/case using Rise 360 : when I insert a video, which first image appearing is blank (the first second is a blank screen)... It is...
6 hours ago
By Soizic POILVE
Hi again! My company produces videos and when there is a fade in from black in the beginning, the video frame is always pitch black before hitting play. Is there some ...
6 hours ago
By Kompetenslaget
Moira Hunt
Does anyone integrate their courses with an established moodle platform? How easy / difficult is it to do? I am a new, prospective user. Thank you
7 hours ago
By Takudzwa Muyambo
Mona Söderblom
Hi, I have used a button block and entered the email address to which an email should be sent. Now I have got issue reports from users that the email always directs to...
9 hours ago
By Phil Mayor
Nahla Aly
Just lost a whole lesson on Rise, complete with media and questions. The lack of an undo button has never been so frustrating. I have a deadline tomorrow. This reminds...
10 hours ago
By Nikolett Valcz
Cindy Holland
We are working with a large corporation that hosts the rise modules on their internal LMS system. Here is an example of one of the assets we created. http:...
11 hours ago
By T O
Mikhail Mumlev
Hi there, Please, advice how I can copy or import questions from one quiz to another in Rise. e.g. I have several questions in one Rise quiz block and I'd like to copy...
14 hours ago
By Clyne Roche
Sarah Cashmore
Hi there, Is there a way to let your users review their answers after completing a quiz? If I don't reveal the answer immediately, they don't get a chance to see which...
17 hours ago
By Gerry McAteer
Renee Dunaway
Hello! I'm publishing a Rise 360 course to Absorb LMS. On the backend, the user progress only shows up as 0 or 100. No in-between. Even though within our Rise course, ...
18 hours ago
By Mike Wilson
Dearne Willing
Hi there Is there a way Rise can communicate back to LMS how much of the % has been completed until 100% has been reached? By tracking complete/incomplete brings an X ...
18 hours ago
By Mike Wilson
bridget dougherty
Hi there, I have loaded an MP4 video into one of my Rise courses. The thumbnail Rise has generated isn't great (my video subject looks half asleep), but I am not sure ...
1 day ago
By James White
Steve Heinen
Rise is a great authoring tool for rapid deployment. But the ease of creating content hits the wall when you have to translate the course. Other tool...
2 days ago
By Steve Heinen