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Greg Pickens
Is there a way to put in a marker that changes state once they have clicked on it so the learner knows which one they have already looked at?
18 hours ago
By Janet Branson
Evan Laube
I created a three image carousel with captions and a hyperlink. For whatever reason, each of the hyperlinks goes to same website not three different websites. The link...
18 hours ago
By Evan Laube
Irina Poloubessov
Good morning, Does anyone else have a problem with extra tags in exported XLIF file for translation from Rise, which break words (are between letters) and insert extr...
19 hours ago
By Crystal Horn
Torbjörn Roldin
Hello, I have just signed up for Articulate online and now I try to publish a course made in Rise there. However I do not know how to do this, is it even possible? Do ...
21 hours ago
By Crystal Horn
Matt Illman
Good afternoon all, I use the above combination a lot to ensure a trainee opens each tab before continuing. However, I loaded up a number of courses this morning and f...
1 day ago
By Matt Illman
Derrick MacGillivray
When using the matching knowledge check or quizzing feature, there appears to be a character limit on the match objects. Is there any way to increase this? I'm working...
1 day ago
By Thomas Doty
Angela Dawson
Hi team When adding images to Rise tabs and accordians they are automatically left aligned which is ok if the image is landscape and fills the space but if the image i...
1 day ago
By Jeannie Sar
Catherine Conley
I'd like to use RISE to deliver a set of videos. However, users can right click and download the video - even when the course is housed within our LMS. Is there ...
1 day ago
By Alyssa Gomez
mayuresh saka
Hi, As mentioned on the website under FAQ for Rise "Are Rise courses compliant with accessibility guidelines? Rise employs many modern web standards for accessibi...
1 day ago
By Crystal Horn
Michael Brown
Hi, I've recently produced a course in Rise that contains a number of videos. When the course is played on a PC, either through Rise or through our LMS the video...
1 day ago
By Alyssa Gomez
Ian Coltman
This functionality seems like a total no-brainer... what gives? I mean C'mon... most of Rise is pretty well thought out, but this is ridiculous.
1 day ago
By Crystal Horn
Faye Somerville
I created an interaction in Storyline which required several slides. When I add it to a Rise course with the SL block the user is able to complete the interaction. How...
1 day ago
By Faye Somerville
Constanze Kutscher
Hi, currently I'm writing a storyboard for an elearning course in Rise. As this is my first storyboard in Rise, I'm not sure how to structure the storyboard. I did som...
1 day ago
By Laura Jones
Daniel Fletcher
Hello We're developing some courses with Rise (which I love) and are doing some testing on LMSs. I'd like the course to be accessible on a phone and am wondering if an...
1 day ago
By Bill Kemsley
Internacional de Marketing
Hello, I know it's possible to export SCORM courses in PDF format, but is there any way to make this PDF look better? So far, all the PDF we have tried exporting look ...
2 days ago
By Karl Muller
Deanna Buchner
Hello, I am attempting to add images to my Rise course and I keep receiving an error message, or it times out. I receive a message "There was an issue uploading....
2 days ago
By Adrian Palinic
Mary Gray
Seeking support.....CONTINUE blocks were working and now all of sudden they do not allow me to "continue" even though I completed the prior steps....please advise
2 days ago
By Mary Gray
Daniela Moser
I just wondered if it is possible to use question pools in Rise. I created about 30 questions but only want Rise to randomly choose 10 of them.
2 days ago
By Michael Menge
Paul Knights
Hi, do we know when RISE will be able to provide question banks, specifically for use of randomised quiz questions? I can of course build one in storyline but it does ...
2 days ago
By Paul Scarnegie
Daniel Wightman
Absolutely love Rise, but one feature I'm hoping is coming in the future, or better yet, I'm just not realizing is an option. I'd love the ability to put in a box for ...
2 days ago
By Alyssa Gomez