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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Michael. Currently, you can't add images to your answer choices for Rise 360 quizzes. There was a bug where you could copy and paste images into text fields, but that was not intended behavior. We'll let you know if we make changes to the question functions.

In the meantime, some folks have used the image as the question, and then, the text becomes the answer choices. In your example, the question would show the graph, and the learner would select the right equation.

Jennifer Michlitsch

+1 for using images as answers. Much easier for a learner to choose correct answers directly than to look back and forth at images and answer options and try to match them up. It's the difference between - check all images that show correct use of our logo vs observe the images and then choose which are correct: a and b? a and c? a, c, and d? Etc. It's an extra mental load they don't need. They could make a mistake just in trying to match up images to answers, even if they know the correct answer. (I realize these can also just each be broken out into a separate questions - each one correct or incorrect - but that also makes the content seem more overwhelming and lengthy than it really is.)

Tim St. Clair

You can kind-of hack it using the web inspector trick for question types that allow html (like choice).  


Doesn't work on connect questions, or the sorting activity (even though when I hacked the published file, it quite happily displayed images as cards rather than text).