Learn how to manage your Articulate apps and use them to create engaging online courses, collaborate efficiently with co-authors and stakeholders, and quickly distribute training to learners.


Articulate 360

Managing Your Profile and Account

Articulate 360 Teams

Managing Your Team

Authenticate Using Single Sign-On (SSO)


Articulate 360

Access Your Tools & Resources

Rise 360

Create Engaging Content 

Storyline 360

Build Interactive Courses 

Content Library 360

Find the Perfect Course Assets

Articulate 360 Training

Grow Your Skills

Peek 360

Record Screencasts

Studio 360

Turn PowerPoint Slides into Courses

Replay 360

Produce Training Videos


Articulate 360 Teams

Discover All the Ways to Collaborate with Your Team

Rise 360

Share Content with Team Folders

Create Content with Other Team Members

Share Reusable Question Banks

Speed Development with Shared Block Templates

Storyline 360

Collaborate on Courses with Shared Team Slides

Review 360

Streamline Project Reviews

Speed Reviews with In-App Comments

Share Items with Team Folders


Rise 360

Publish Your Content

Storyline 360

Publish Your Courses

Reach 360

Distribute Training & Track Learners’ Progress

Looking for Storyline 3? Access the Storyline 3 user guide.