With question banks, you create repositories of questions that can be used in any course you create. Knowledge checks and quizzes draw from these banks rather than displaying the same static questions whenever a learner takes the course. You can also share your question banks with others in your organization.  

  1. Creating Question Banks
  2. Editing Question Banks
  3. Managing Question Banks and Folders
  4. Sharing Question Banks and Folders
  5. Assigning Roles and Permissions for Folders

Creating Question Banks

Create and manage question banks from the Question Banks tab on the dashboard. To create a new question bank:

  1. In your Personal directory, click the New Bank button at the top left.
  2. Enter a name and click Create Question Bank

Your new question bank opens automatically for editing.

Editing Question Banks

A new multiple-choice question template displays when the question bank is opened for the first time. You can select a different question template by clicking the drop-down menu in the upper right corner. 

To create a new question, click the Add Question button and select a template. Read more about the different question types here. Preview your questions by clicking the Preview button.

Note: You can also add questions directly from quiz lessons

When working in the Team folder, an Editing status displays when someone else is currently editing a question bank. Click the question bank to see who’s editing. You’ll also have the option to take control. This discards their unsaved changes and makes you the current editor. 

Click the arrow in the upper left to return to the question banks dashboard. 

Managing Question Banks and Folders 

New folders and question banks can be created anywhere in your personal directory. To create a new folder or subfolder, navigate to where you'd like to create the folder and click New Folder. Enter the name and click Save

Move a folder or question bank by clicking the More (. . .) icon and selecting the Move option. Choose an existing folder or subfolder or create a new folder by clicking the icon in the lower right corner. You can also rename and delete folders and question banks from the More menu. 

Duplicate question banks from the More menu by selecting the option, naming the question bank, and clicking Duplicate. It appears in the same folder as the parent question bank.  

Access deleted question banks and folders in the Deleted folder. You can restore content or delete it forever from this folder. 

Sharing Question Banks and Folders

Share question banks with other members of your Articulate 360 team by moving them to a folder in the team directory. You can move a question bank to an existing folder, or create a new folder as part of the sharing process.

  1. Hover over the question bank and click the ellipses. 
  2. Select Share.
  3. Create a new folder by clicking the New Folder icon and entering a name.
  4. Assign roles and permissions for the folder. 
  5. Click Create Folder.

Note: When you move a question bank to an existing folder, it assumes the permissions set for that folder.

To share folders with your team, hover over the folder you’d like to share, click the ellipsis, and select Share. Select Team to move content from your personal directory to the team directory. Assign roles and permissions, then click Save.

Note: If you move a personal folder to an existing team folder, it will adopt the permissions of the destination folder. 

Team question banks and folders are visible and manageable only to those course creators in your organization to whom you’ve given access. Hover over the information in the Last Updated column to see who last edited a shared question bank. 

To remove a shared folder or question bank you own, click the ellipsis and select Remove from Team, this returns the content to your personal directory.

Assigning Roles and Permissions for Folders

Once shared, give other users in your organization view, edit, and folder management permissions. Click the More icon for the folder you want to manage in the Team section and select Folder share settings.

In the pop-up that displays, search for specific team members by name or email. The Everyone group is added by default to give everyone in your organization access (you can add it from the search field if deleted). Curate the list and modify the permissions accordingly.

  • Folder owners: Can do everything.
  • Managers: Can do everything except move question banks back to the personal directory or delete folders and question banks.
  • Editors: Can modify questions, question banks, and rename or duplicate folders and subfolders. They can't delete anything or modify folder share settings.
  • Viewers: Can only view question bank and folder contents and use questions in their courses. 

Note: The owner is always the user that created the associated content and can't transfer ownership to another user.