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Sherry Hiriart
Hi All, new to this software and I am struggling to create the variable state to ensure the next button cannot be used until the slide timeline is complete. I have a j...
2 hours ago
By Helena Smith
Shevi Yuval
Hi I'm building a tutorial about competitors and I'm stuck without a graphic theme:(. This tutorial begins with an ancient map of wars, demonstrating that there are d...
3 hours ago
By Shevi Yuval
David Oskorus
I'm trying to determine if there is a way to combine multiple storyline files into one course. I've searched and read the various threads about combining multiple SCOs...
4 hours ago
By Julie B.
Jessica Naidoo
Hi Everyone I'm experiencing a problem with the "resume where you left off" feature. When I exit the course midway and return - I land on the course exit page - the o...
6 hours ago
By Jessica Naidoo
Hi, I'm looking to create a custom Storyline progress bar. Can anyone share examples of eLearning courses they've seen that have custom progress bars and different sty...
8 hours ago
By rekha chitumala
Can someone talk me through how to build a word search puzzle? I have my basics in place but am having trouble making my triggers work when they should. Also I can't s...
11 hours ago
Mohammad  Hassam
Recently, Google came up with a new product called AdMob. The product helps new Apps to increase the number of downloads. Click here to see more information As an ins...
15 hours ago
By Tristan Hunt
Nick Elkins
We have set the re-launch meeting for April 26th at 6PM in the Green Room located in The Learning Center at The Florida Aquarium. Details will follow for parking instr...
15 hours ago
By David Anderson
Jodi Promisel
Hello, Has anyone duplicated the following FAQ in Storyline 2, this was created in Studio 13? Or, has been successful in building something close to this? And, when y...
15 hours ago
By Tristan Hunt
Matthew Wolf
I often need to design content that allows users to review or replay sections. This is mostly for new hire training. This often causes chaos in my training, especially...
15 hours ago
By Tristan Hunt
Theodore Snyder
I’ve gotten a request for some of my classes to be proctored or to otherwise confirm that the student enrolled in the class actually sat for the class. I know that th...
16 hours ago
By Theodore Snyder
Sara Healy
Several people have expressed an interest in a Tampa Bay area Articulate User Group, so to get the ball rolling, I have created a Facebook group. I feel this will be a...
18 hours ago
By Sara Healy
Bob Fratini
From what I can read online, it appears that the "Articulate party line" is that only Storyline Flash output is "certified" to be Section 508 compliant for accessibili...
18 hours ago
By Richard Karel
Ken Nicholson
Quite a title! But is anyone else finding it more and more difficult to view their e-learning content on Apple devices? Take the IPad Pro as a prime example. HTML5 pul...
20 hours ago
By Donna Pepper
kathleen murphy
Hi, Does anyone know of a way to change the color of the numbers in a quiz question? My text is white on a dark green background and the numbers are black so it is di...
21 hours ago
By kathleen murphy
Fletcher Hammond
Hello community!  I'm looking to get some ideas for paid audio editing software aside from Adobe Audition and Sony SoundForge.  Due to our IT policies, we can't use fr...
21 hours ago
By Brett Rockwood
Sam Dadson
How do I make my results slide advance to the next slide when the student passes a test.  When they fail, I want them to retry the quiz till they pass.  I don't want t...
23 hours ago
By Sam Dadson
Irshad kachchi
I was working on an e-Learning module on how to “tie a knot to restrain load on the vehicle.” Till date, I have developed more than 1500+ hours of courses. But for the...
1 day ago
By Irshad kachchi
Heather Peppy
Hello!  I’m looking for feedback and suggestions for Simultaneous Design; the ability to design content so it will fit into an existing new hire program and meet the n...
1 day ago
By Heather Peppy
Mary McDermott
My management is looking to add animated avatars to our elearning courses. I am just starting research; so far I know of two products that exist to create video files ...
1 day ago
By Heather Willis