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Trina Rimmer
By now you’ve likely heard that Adobe is ending its support of Flash on December 31, 2020. In fact, Adobe released the last ever Flash update today, December 10, 2020....
1 month ago
By Trina Rimmer
Chris Foster
Hi! This calculator was made using Storyline for a Workplace Burnout course that I built in Rise. The results can be printed which I thought would be useful ...
9 days ago
By Chris Foster
Joseph Chabot
This is an automatic score calculator block I made using help from users' posts on here! Super fun to make all the variables line up properly! Many thanks to the commu...
2 hours ago
By Joseph Chabot
Greg Finlay
Currently looking for Instructional Designers to complement a National Sales and Training team - based out of Mississauga ON. You can view this opportunity...
3 hours ago
By Sarah Hodge
Peggy Kunz
Hi everyone, I was just asked to do a last-minute presentation a little later this week for a group of my colleagues, who have never used Storyline, about t...
7 hours ago
By Peggy Kunz
Sue Blake
I saw a really nice example of the reveal function recently (created in another e-learning software package). It let the learner peel back the front image/text t...
9 hours ago
By Sue Blake
Peter van der Slikke
Hello there, A customer asks if it's possible to make a course with 15 chapters (lessons). At the end of each chapter there are 4 questions. Their idea is that a learn...
10 hours ago
By Judy Nollet
Carla Kelley-Gonzales
I am venturing into using lightboxes in my feedback on quizzes. Is there a way to once a light box displays, that the learner has to view everything on the page or sta...
10 hours ago
By Chris Dale
T Blaisant
Hey, voor ons bedrijf zijn we momenteel op zoek naar een freelancer die 2 nieuwe e-learnings kan maken en ook een 30_tal e-learnings zou kunnen vernieuwen. Het is bela...
11 hours ago
By Leslie McKerchie
howard pearson
I have subtitled a video in Storyline using close captions and i have been asked to send the captioned video over in a separate file as they want to use it i...
13 hours ago
By howard pearson
Jason Kanter
Folks, I'm having an awful time trying to create my first drag-and-drop in Storyline 360. I've got an image of a mechanism, and there are lots of parts, and the names ...
1 day ago
By Jason Kanter
Jim Rehmann
Hi everyone. I have a piece of software that I need to train users on. I'm using Articulate Presenter as the basis, and them I'm inserting screen shots and Capti...
1 day ago
By Jeffrey Riley
Fiona Russell
Hello everyone, I'm wanting to deliver training that's a little outside the box. Has anyone had any feedback on training they delivered in Rise that forces learners to...
3 days ago
By john faulkes
Eve Alexander
I got my Twine branching scenario working beautifully as a web object. For those who want to know how to do it without having your Twine online, publish your Twine to ...
4 days ago
By robin conyers
Valerie Drager
I feel I have matched my game to the template to the tee but it isn't working. I think it might be a motion path issue? I used relative start point but the game just k...
4 days ago
By Russell Killips
Jenna Johnson
Hello, I am a new member to the E-learning Heroes forum. I am researching collaboration tools for a newbie learning designer and wanted to ask your opinion on which on...
4 days ago
By Céline Bergeron
Melissa Milloway
Hi everyone, I'm looking for tips on Storyline output and screen readers. Is there a way to edit the objects so that the screen reader does not read "radio button...
5 days ago
By Jeffrey Fazakerley
Will Findlay
I have been thinking that I need to spruce up the instructions I give people when sending them a link to Articulate Review. Something standard that introduces them to ...
5 days ago
By Will Findlay
Daniel Schwartz
Hi, I'm trying to figure out a way to gray out the base layer as someone sees the layer on top. I don't need to hide elements of the base layer just make them le...
5 days ago
By Nancy Woinoski
Kathy Wasson
Greetings! We are having an issue in which a course built in SL360, SCORM2004, 4thE, will report inconsistently. Sometimes the Completion will report, but the interact...
5 days ago
By Kathy Wasson
Sheetal Pal
Dear E-learning heroes, Trying my hand at designing e-learning courses. I would like to know how does one design a bilingual course. I have been asked if I could desig...
5 days ago
By Allison LaMotte
Devlin Peck
Hello lovely Articulate Storyline users! I've been working on an in-depth guide to sending custom xAPI statements from Articulate Storyline courses for over a year now...
5 days ago
By Aaron Kapala