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Paul Alders
Hi everyone, Our fourth week already...time for a new Freebie. This Freebie is about comparisons in e-Learning and actually it is a makeover of my entry to Davids fir...
16 hours ago
By Montse Anderson
Holly MacDonald
We've had a couple of meetings and I'm the keeper of the emails and lists, but would rather use a collaborative space. If you want to be part of our group, you can rep...
2 days ago
By David Sheng
chetana karwanyun
Hi, In one of our recent requirements, we provided an option for learner feedback on each screen including the "result slide". However, our client wants us to provid...
12 minutes ago
By chetana karwanyun
Prakash Gudur
Can someone list out the differences between Articulate 360 & Litmos? We are planning to change Litmos to Articulate 360 .
23 minutes ago
By Troy Ashman
John Toh
hi people, just published my first mobile course to mobile devices, and i have found couple of issues: a) the course interface didn't fill the entire screen area (se...
5 hours ago
By John Toh
Nicole Legault
Hey gang, I'm looking to gauge level of interest in starting some local Articulate user groups; I mean interest in terms of attending, participating, and/or hosting t...
7 hours ago
By Wendy Farmer
Nicholas Findley
Hi, Im creating a user guide for an application that my company has built. I have set up it so the user is interacting and logging in. When they enter their password ...
10 hours ago
By Dave Cox
11 hours ago
By Chris Cole
Michael Jones
Hey everyone! I'm looking for fellow Articulate users that would be interested in starting a user-group in the Greater Pittsburgh (PA) area. Who is interested?
11 hours ago
By Ed Wilson
Gina Evans
I have a client who wants to use images of Steve Jobs, Martha Stewart, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Roberto Clemente in an elearning module. Of course, they want t...
13 hours ago
By Nadia Siddiqui
Matt Cherry
Hi folks, I've started a project recently where the client wants a lot of sound/music in the project. Any suggestions for the best site/subscription for stock audio? ...
13 hours ago
By Matt Cherry
mark focus
Hi guys, I've been given a remit and budget to help develop and manage a set of very technical professional exams for a niche group of individuals. I'm trying to visu...
13 hours ago
By mark focus
John Toh
Happy new year fellow members. I am going back to work next week after a 6 weeks holiday, and I am looking forward to another productive year using the new Articulate ...
15 hours ago
By Renaldo Lawrence
John Backewich
Happy Monday everyone I have successfully paused a timeline as well as a video. I then click and go to a pop up layer. I cannot seem to create a way to get back to th...
15 hours ago
By John Backewich
ibrahim eljabri
i need help : for master thesis topic in e- learning can you suggest any topic for that ?
15 hours ago
By ibrahim eljabri
Terry McDonald
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15 hours ago
By ravi khade
Paul Alders
Hi everyone, Monday again, so time for a whole new week of amazing Freebies. This week I want to share a cool tip to speed up your workflow in Storyline, with variab...
16 hours ago
By Lili Seram
Sam Lincoln
I've found another very interesting free online course created, I think, in September 2016. The course description, copied from the creator's website, is: "Learnnova...
18 hours ago
By Sam Lincoln
Naelag Yaba
Hello, I'm about to send around test links for three modules. Does anyone of you know a free tool through which I can share the modules, with a feedback form next to...
19 hours ago
By Naelag Yaba
Ashley Chiasson
How is the responsive mobile player for Storyline 360 better or worse than Captivate’s responsive authoring approach?
20 hours ago
By Karlis Sprogis
Sabrina Ely
I’m fairly new to Articulate so thanks to this community, I adapted the Industrial Workplace Safety template for a course I’m working on.   On the slide master for th...
1 day ago
By Joanne Chen
David Anderson
Hey gang - Do you have a web site with examples of your elearning projects? We want to see them! Please add a link to your personal blog, portfolio page, or a bunch ...
1 day ago
By David Anderson