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Paul Alders
Here is my next e-learning freebie....20 Weeks down, 33 to go!!! How often do you use quiz questions at the end of your course? I think a lot of us do. When I started...
2 days ago
By David Anderson
Dave Ferguson
I've been working with scrolling panels. Here's a demo showing a few ways to use them in explore/explain situations. If you haven't tried them, scrolling panels allow...
4 days ago
By David Anderson
Bill Morrison
Hi, We are newbies at Storyline and we're getting the hang of things. We have a client who is waaay ahead of us and has asked us to turn our very basic materials into ...
9 minutes ago
By Bill Morrison
cynthia rogers
Please see screenshots attached. Menu is showing when the player is set up NOT to show the menu at all.
44 minutes ago
By Wendy Farmer
Efrat Maor
Hi, We wish to improve the accessibility of our content to hearing and visually impaired, and are looking for vendors that will be able to do the following-  1. For v...
2 hours ago
By Efrat Maor
Karyn Aberts
I have screen shots of an online form. We want the learner to fill in the form, there are multiple blank spots. Any ideas how to build something like that? Preferably ...
3 hours ago
By Wendy Farmer
Mahesh  Vijayan
Hi team, We have a project which features software demonstrations and simulations (Show me and Try it). We uses software screen shots for achieving show mes and try i...
3 hours ago
By Mahesh Vijayan
fiona oconnor
Just wondering if anyone has come across the following error message when trying to upload a new package for trial
5 hours ago
By fiona oconnor
Louise Smith
Hi all I am building a course for telecommunications engineers for use in Spatial Net. The content is really dry with plenty of software menus and functions and Id l...
5 hours ago
By Louise Smith
Lisa Phillips
I'm currently taking an e-learning certification course and I am required to write some papers on the e-learning program I plan to design. The issue is that I have nev...
6 hours ago
By Lisa Phillips
Amar Kulshreshtha
Hello All, Created a Whats app Conversation Animation in Storyline 2 Using Scrolling Panel. Demo and Download Link:
8 hours ago
By Amar Kulshreshtha
Evan O'Donnell
Hi there. I'm building a little practice project on my free trial.  I'd like to publish it so then I could click through it and experience it as a regular viewer would...
8 hours ago
By Wendy Farmer
Christine Manning
Is anyone having any success not using an LMS but sharing content through a member page you can access via user name and password? Im wondering how to do it exactly w...
9 hours ago
By Christine Manning
Jaclyn Breuninger
Hi! I am just getting started on my first ever E-Learning with Storyline 360 and am looking to start building out my course templates, etc. so they are easily accessi...
12 hours ago
By Jaclyn Breuninger
Leigh S
Our organization is changing out our LMS and the new vendor recommends publishing to SCORM 2004 (previously we only used SCORM 1.2). Can someone enlighten me on the di...
13 hours ago
By Leigh S
Carmelo Moschella
Hi All, came across this article about Gamification at the following:
15 hours ago
By Tom Kuhlmann
suzanne meyer
Can you advise?  I created a module with Presenter.  My business partner would like to look at the powerpoint file.  How do you just send the powerpoint without the pr...
19 hours ago
By Ulises Musseb
Matthew Graham
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20 hours ago
By John roberts
Dave Baker
Hi, with my present Storyline project I am considering backgrounds  and fonts . Can anyone please suggest fonts/ colours that stand out and are easier to read ?   Th...
21 hours ago
By Kelly Meeker
Nick Russell
I've been busy rotoscoping and have created this cool gif to share   See it first Find out how I did it and get to make your own Download all the assets  
22 hours ago
By Nick Russell
Felipe Casajus
Hi guys, The perfect monday? XDD Good Monday!! Felipe Pd. As always, feel free to use or share Example:
1 day ago
By Wendy Farmer
Paul Alders
Hi everyone,  Another week, another freebie!!! Unfortunately I have some small difficulties with publishing my next freebie. I hope to solve this by tomorrow. In the ...
1 day ago
By Julie Franke