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marie walsh
Hi everyone  I am an ID and I like try and mistakes approach in action, so I prefer to give instant feedback and let people try again. I have submitted this drawing t...
2 hours ago
By Phil Mayor
Tom Raguz
Hi team can anyone give me instructions on how to only include the INCORRECT questions when students retry the quiz. I know there is a video using storyline 1 but the...
9 hours ago
By Louise Lindop
Ellen Hayes
Hey all, I'm curious about the default navigation you like to use in your courses (free, restricted, or locked). In the past, I've used restricted (without next/prev b...
9 hours ago
By Ellen Hayes
Nicole Legault
I regularly get requests from various people with contract opportunities asking me to point them to a list of e-learning or instructional design freelancers.  If you'...
12 hours ago
By Leann Poston
Mike Saunderson
I need to ask a survey question that requires the learner to answer with month, date, and year. Can I create a survey question that requires them to answer the month, ...
16 hours ago
By Mike Saunderson
Austeja Krukonyte
Hi Does any one knows can you show better quality videos in a slide. I did e learning before wear video has open in new window quality was great. I would like to have ...
17 hours ago
By Susanne Justan
Gary Collins
I have been asked to create an online course out of current textbooks that are used in class. There is obviously a copyright issue here if I take the content from a te...
18 hours ago
By JoAnn Roe
Florian As
Hi ! I'm working on an e-learning project, and on the first slide we will have the choice between three themes, i'd love to have one independant score per theme and d...
19 hours ago
By Florian As
Lisa Hua
I've been tasked with creating a user guide that will include step-by-steps with images and other job aids in an ebook type format that can be utilized in different sy...
20 hours ago
By Tracy Van Kampen
Hamilton Ward
Hi everyone, I'm new to Storyline with a background in the Adobe Suite, specifically After Effects. I was wondering what sort of integration Storyline has with After ...
23 hours ago
By DLD 1
L Roca
Hi,  I am new to this forum, and I am interested in learning or obtaining a certificate in Articulate.  Is articulate similar to Canvas?  I am planning on downloading...
1 day ago
By Allison LaMotte
Danielle Asher
Hi All,   I'm building an exercise where participants sort through a series of cards to ultimately identify their top 5-6 choices.  Its been about a year since I've ...
1 day ago
By Allison LaMotte
Mike Amelang
I built a cool Learning Journal feature for Rise that has been very well-received. I thought I'd share it in case anyone wanted to a. use it or b. improve on it.   T...
1 day ago
By Troy Ashman
Joanna Phillips
Today I was working on a written document that I'm hoping will eventually transition into an online course. I was told by the individual I was working with that it is ...
1 day ago
By Christy Tucker
Judy McDonough
Hi: Does anyone have a good resource for Leader Guide icons?  I used to have some great icons (they were blue, hand-drawn stick figures) that I used for leader guides...
1 day ago
By Stephanie Harnett
Stephen W
I'm wondering if there are any tools for creating static scenario/character graphics? Kind of like with animation software where you can create whole scenes with diffe...
1 day ago
By Stephanie Harnett
Ilanna Mandel
Hello; For some reason, I can't seem to insert a video I want from youtube into my presentation. I have tried several ways, and it doesn't work. Please advise! Ilanna 
1 day ago
By liz armstrong
Alexandros Anoyatis
Ok, this one was a must do for me during the design stage of what never became my Articulate Guru 15 entry. I had long ago been able to use Soundmanager in projects wh...
1 day ago
By Pedro Fernandez
David Anderson
What's up E-Learning Heroes? Our next user group is coming up. We're still using the Refuge Cafe so space is limited to 20 people. We're moving to a larger space (CO+...
1 day ago
By Antonia Krajicek
Norman McGill
I don't think this has been possible before, but can a user speed up the audio on the player in 360?
1 day ago
By Cara Simone