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Kelly Meeker
We’re so excited to unveil the fresh new look we’ve created for E-Learning Heroes. We’ve also added some neat new features that will make it easier for you to find con...
6 days ago
By Shilpa Sundhar
Moida Sina
Hi, Im looking for ideas for a game on how to count change (audience cashiers).  Similar to this but geared towards adults. Le...
3 minutes ago
By Allison LaMotte
Dimitra Makrozonari
Hello all, i would like to ask for any ideas/help as many of you have loads of experience. We are building a package of 60 courses and we want to avoid the replicatio...
1 hour ago
By Dimitra Makrozonari
Josh Goodswen
I've been working on a gamified health and safety elearning course for my employer over the last couple of months. The learner takes on the role of a health and safety...
8 hours ago
By Cindy Shaver
Douglas Opicka
I have built a course and it includes Closed Captioning.  If I output the course as a word document for me to proof, the document does not include the captions.  Is th...
14 hours ago
By Douglas Opicka
Liviu Romascanu
Hello everyone, I am creating a menu page with 5 fields in it. Each field has 3 states (Normal, InProgress, Complete). I have used slide triggers for all of them do ...
16 hours ago
By Phil Mayor
Joanna Phillips
Today I was working on a written document that I'm hoping will eventually transition into an online course. I was told by the individual I was working with that it is ...
17 hours ago
By Eric Benson
Kelly Doane
Hi! I'm wondering if anyone can suggest a way to trigger a learner's selections from slide 1 to appear on slide 2? For example, I have a list of approximately 16 ite...
17 hours ago
By Nancy Woinoski
marine mas
Hello (and best wishes for the coming year) Using examples I've found on this thread, I'm building a challenge with a "roll the die" button to give "randomly access" ...
19 hours ago
By marine mas
English360 Courses Online
Hello hereos :-) I'm on the verge of purchasing SL but have a few questions. I am in the teaching industry and our stakeholders are 10-66 year olds.  1. Is there a w...
21 hours ago
By Stacko Dean
shamila th
Hi,  I tried creating the example given in the tutorial using images from the net instead of the preset sample given in the storyline-practice files.  The refrigerat...
22 hours ago
By Allison LaMotte
Sachin Taank
Hi everyone! In this year, we are looking to start to introduce the concept of bitesized learning chunks in our system. Now, I need a reach out about whether anyone h...
22 hours ago
By Allison LaMotte
Laci Conrad
Hello, I am looking to design a course on Diversity and Inclusion that will be an interactive case study based. Does anyone have templates they can share to help insp...
22 hours ago
By Allison LaMotte
Jeffrey Riley
I have done a lot of research over the last few years on creating a timer that can count down or up on a slide or even a project. Since what I wanted was something at ...
1 day ago
By Kennethg Goeieman
Jochen Pils
I would like to give the users of WBT a kind of "package insert", in which some tips for the use of online trainings are given briefly and concisely. For example U...
1 day ago
By Jochen Pils
David Goodman
Is it possible to add a score to an assessment interaction (drag & drop) over and above the question score? EX: create a drag & drop with show one selection at...
1 day ago
By Wendy Farmer
Terrence Mitchell
I was wondering there is a learning scenario for creating pop-ups? 
1 day ago
By Terrence Mitchell
Lydia Paddock
Hi, folks! We're trying to troubleshoot an odd issue we're having with Storyline 3. Some of the projects within the course are showing as being completed; others are n...
1 day ago
By Lydia Paddock
Mark S
I like the storytelling on these sites: Seven Digital Deadly Sins: and NPRs Borderland:
1 day ago
By Mark S
Elizabeth Piris
Hi Team, I am looking at creating a really quick course to have learners read a PDF of a rather large policy as well as adding a declaration to ensure they have opene...
1 day ago
Alexandros Anoyatis
Ok, this one was a must do for me during the design stage of what never became my Articulate Guru 15 entry. I had long ago been able to use Soundmanager in projects wh...
2 days ago
By Allison LaMotte