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Kandice Kidd
Hi, I've been interested in ID since my days as a college instructor and now I'm finally in my first year as an eLearning Manager. I love the Articulate training, arti...
17 hours ago
By ahtasham shakeel
Luis Pinheiro
Hello. Is there anyway a learner can use a keyboard shortcut to press one of the interaction buttons? We have set up the course in a way that a "continue" button appea...
2 hours ago
By Nayeli De la Fuente
Laura Brunning
Hi, I think I might be going bonkers. I am updating a file that has been created by someone else and in all the multiple response questions, the incorrect answ...
3 hours ago
By David Crocker
Center for Lifelong Learning LLE
Our association is looking to contract an instructional designer who is well versed in Articulate, ASAP if possible. Any leads would be extremely helpful!&n...
6 hours ago
By Lisa Munson
Kimberly Smith-Kulaga
Hello - I'm in a hybrid role - training specialist/project-based HR Generalist. Because this is a hybrid role, I need to clearly communicate the time it ta...
8 hours ago
By Sarah Hodge
Inés BK
Hi There, I hope someone can help me with adding a retry option. My project involves a drag and drop questionnaire with at the end of the questions a resultslide and 3...
9 hours ago
By Nejc Žorga Dulmin
Yolanda Kotze
Hi! I have to develop interactive complex storyline flow charts from Visio swimline flow charts. Does anyone have any ideas/templates that could help please? Thanks! Y...
16 hours ago
By Yolanda Kotze
Stephanie Harnett
Hi all. I built a course earlier this year that contains a "notes" function to allow users to take a moment to reflect and type their thoughts on certain questions. Th...
17 hours ago
By Gareth Salter
Richard Mulcahy
Here is a free template for a flash card game. I used images and words for matching, but you can any combination. Demo and Storyline file included. Demo https://360.a...
17 hours ago
By Richard Mulcahy
Brayan Alexander Arias Restrepo
I would like to sell courses online to the public. I need to be pointed in the right direction on the best way to accomplish this. Does anyone have knowledge on how to...
20 hours ago
By Brayan Alexander Arias Restrepo
Shahid Yakoob
Just finished creating this example of how you can apply gaming principles to a simple true/false quiz to make things a bit more fun. It has a randomized question...
1 day ago
By Oscar Carrera
Gerry Wasiluk
[Last updated: 3-April-2011] Let's start a thread where we share our favorite utility programs--those "little apps" that we use: To make us more productive Or ...
2 days ago
By Robert Vincent
David Lindenberg
Hi, All. I've published my Storyline course to LMS and uploaded the Scorm package to Moodle. In the Moodle settings, I tried both Current and New Window. In both insta...
2 days ago
By David Lindenberg
Alison  L.
[short-version] Anyone have good way of getting published samples into Adobe Portfolio? [/short-version] -- *IF* there even IS one? I'm kinda surprised that when ...
2 days ago
By Janet Chafey
Ashley Paul
Hi there, I work for a retail lumber company and we are currently in the final stages of deciding which LMS would work best for us. This will be the first LMS we'...
2 days ago
By Karen H.
Beth George
Is there a way to download more diverse photographic medical characters? Specifically physicians - women of color, more men of color options?
2 days ago
By Judy Nollet
Chandi Jaya
Hi, I have a Storyline3 project which needs to display the system time, always updating. I used the following code, but it didn't work. function startTime() { var toda...
3 days ago
By Math Notermans
Sabrina P
We have a training that will be SCORM packaged and uploaded to the LMS. We need to apply DRM to it so that it cannot be viewed if shared. Our LMS provider said it cann...
4 days ago
By Sabrina P
Inés BK
Hi There! First, Thanks for all the help at the community! It really helps to know that there are other people that can help. Especially if you don't have a huge netwo...
5 days ago
By Inés BK
Gina Heumann
Hello everyone! I recently wrote a book and did a Ted Talk on a very specific topic, and have begun creating online courses to help educate my small niche (foster...
6 days ago
By Brayan Alexander Arias Restrepo
Philip Deer
Hi Team, I'm looking for a great icon resource that I don't have to waste time creating so many since PPT doesn't have a lot of the ones I'm looking for. I have access...
6 days ago
By John Glasgow