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Matthew Bibby
Have you ever wanted Storyline to display a random word or phrase? I don't mean just randomly popping up and saying "whale" or "can't cut the mustard", but displaying ...
2 days ago
By Matthew Bibby
Jerson  Campos
Hi everyone! Here is another free character I created. I've been wanting to do a character around the Dia de los Muertos theme for a long time and I'm happy to releas...
4 days ago
By Owen Holt
Rachel Barnum
We are working on a project with several courses and want to have a catalogue of interactions available and precreated for ISDs to choose from. They are not limited to...
1 hour ago
By Bob S
KC English
Hi community. We have created a DEMO course for Italian speakers that are learning English. We have included a link and would love to hear your feedback regardless, po...
2 hours ago
By Ridvan Saglam
Will Findlay
Does anyone else get PowerPoint files submitted to them where the author has managed to create all (or almost all) of their slides with the title "Untitled?" Sometimes...
3 hours ago
By Will Findlay
Julia Pinholster
Hello everyone! A while back, I made a historical, kind of western-themed hangman game, and I wanted to share it with you all. I used the course download here to get a...
5 hours ago
By Julia Pinholster
Adam Nelson
Bare with me on this one. It's kind of confusing to describe. When I'm working on a project and import a video the timeline preview allows me to fast forward, click o...
5 hours ago
By Adam Nelson
Maree Eilman
I have two modules I would l like to have included in the final assessment. I've gone in and selected the appropriate option "Results Slide" and then selected the  ass...
7 hours ago
By Maree Eilman
Jordan Ash
Hi Heroes, I have just finished creating a new course using a moving panoramic background to navigate through the course.
8 hours ago
By Scott Lindstrom
Cato Holm
Hi David, I spent some time on you tube whre you guys have made some very useful time to explain articulate "doings". Since my experience is low Level so far - I found...
9 hours ago
By Ulises Musseb
Michael Heckman
As part of our approval process, we need several geographically-dispersed SMEs to review our courses. We need them to see and hear the course as learners will, so limi...
9 hours ago
By Ulises Musseb
Cheryl Hoover
Good morning, For those of you who publish to an LMS, how "complicated" are you able to be in your design? I recently reviewed some of our courses on an iPad and saw ...
10 hours ago
By Cheryl Hoover
Jessica Sundarlal
Hi All Any ideas on how I could go about compiling a grid type quiz where learners can input numbers, (provision must also be  made for decimal points - so it would h...
11 hours ago
By Jessica Sundarlal
wayne e
Hi All, We would like to assess a learners needs and intend to ask a series of questions to determine this. There are around 15 questions and they do not fit on a sin...
12 hours ago
By Dave Cox
Bastien Médard
Hello, I am trying to implement Stephanie's javascript method for the learner to be able to print and send his/her notes by email, but I am having some difficulties. ...
18 hours ago
By Joanne Chen
John Toh
Here is another set of character you can use for your SL project. I named her Hailey. Download
19 hours ago
By John Toh
Richmond Oliver
Hi Everyone, I'm trying to create a few modules, making it into a multi-sco package (not sure if I got this term right). But basically I understand that once a SCORM ...
20 hours ago
By Richmond Oliver
Karla Robson
Hello, I downloaded Trina Rimmer's accordian_tabs.pptx template and copied to another ppt file. Somewhere along the line, the + signs don't always to open the summary...
1 day ago
By Karla Robson
Zician Leo
Hi guys, I'm studying an online course through coursera on Human-Computer Interaction at the moment and I need some help. For our first assignment for this course, w...
1 day ago
By Nancy Woinoski
diane geiman
Hi, I am trying to locate freelancers with expertise in Articulate Storyline 2 to build courses within a tight deadline. Our company is located in Alexandria, VA. Th...
1 day ago
By Joe Rodriguez
Kristine Lesperance
Aloha, I have the list of the minimum system requirements for Storyline, however, I need to purchase and set up a desktop station for our Instructional Design Team.  ...
1 day ago
By Jacob Visovatti
David Anderson
OK, a few weeks ago you shared your elearning portfolios with us. We totally enjoyed seeing all the creative portfolios you shared.  Do you have a favorite project? O...
1 day ago
By Andy Smith