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Allison LaMotte
Articulate is looking for not one but TWO seasoned e-learning pros to join our fast-paced, growing marketing team as a Customer Engagement Manager (CEM). Interested? F...
20 days ago
By angela123 angela
Clare Line
I have almost finished creating an online course and can not find a way to add a certificate that can automatically be available to print at the end of the course. I w...
1 hour ago
By Clare Line
Eric Nalian
Hey Everyone, I have a quick general question - Is there any good/free (or really cheap) video editing software available? I am currently using Windows Mov...
2 hours ago
By Lones Sam
Rand Rand
I think my Title above says it all. I just want to insert a PDF into a Storyline 3 slide. And I don't want to insert it from a URL. I simply just want to...
7 hours ago
By Rand Rand
Whitney Lowe
I am looking into a model where organizations would license a Storyline or Rise course that they would then deploy on their own LMS. However, I don't know what is the ...
14 hours ago
By Whitney Lowe
David Grant
How do find the content library and templates for storyline 360? When I go here all I see is content for Rise. I am specifically interested...
17 hours ago
By David Grant
Kirsten Kenny
Hi I've been asked by an SME whether we have the capability to create a bank of randomised questions - all of which will be free text answers and will need to be revie...
19 hours ago
By Bianca Woods
Lena Hansson page does not look like in the video
20 hours ago
By Lena Hansson
Kimberly Valliere
The next meeting of the North Texas Articulate User Group is right around the corner. At this meeting, we're fortunate enough to have two presentations! Animations in ...
21 hours ago
By N. K.
Stefano Craba
Just an animation of a car using shapes, triggers and different animation options
22 hours ago
By Apk Fit
Surender Rajput
Hi All, We already have articulate 360 apps and we wanted to add vyond as well since we need to create explainer video, animating characters/scenes in our video. Howev...
4 days ago
By Sophie Brayden
Gerry McAteer
I enjoy the challenge of displaying information and making it interactive at the same time. This was originally created as a spreadsheet. I used Storyline to create th...
4 days ago
By Gerry McAteer
Georg Volmer
Hey everyone, I have created a video on how to create a progress bar in Storyline 360 - using only one built-in variable. I'm using the built-in variable Menu.Progress...
4 days ago
By Phezulu Dhlodhlo
Christina Kelley
HI I'm fairly new with Story Line - my question is.. is it possible to create a typewriter effect. I have a web address that i would like the letters to look lik...
5 days ago
By Sally Price
Suzann Look
I need to use music under a course and wondered if anyone knows of where there might be completely free music. I have been able to find royalty free music, but it cost...
5 days ago
By VerityStella VerityStella
Hervé Boudou
On storyline, I'm looking for a way that in a first page the learners fill in (in free text) their travel ideas (between 1 and 8) [photo Step 1 & 2]and that in the...
5 days ago
By Tom Kuhlmann
Brian Sweeney
Hello, In the course I am building, I have a Drag-and-Drop activity where users have to match 7 different items with 1 of the 3 different topic areas. So for example, ...
5 days ago
By Brian Sweeney
Dave Neuweiler
For the time when you want to insert a "spinning headline effect" into a project -- or just need a customizable front page. Perhaps a bit of an offbeat effect, but one...
6 days ago
By Jacque Holland
Nancy Hemenway
I have some slides with multiple layers. I would like the user to decide whether or not to close a layer when viewing all the layers. In other words I would like ALL&n...
6 days ago
By Tom Kuhlmann
Chris Smith
Hi! So glad for this group. May I ask regarding a presentation (10 min) for a job interview via zoom—( I was asked to prepare a 10 min presentation on any topic I am p...
6 days ago
By Ulises Musseb
Tracy Carroll
How much do you know about the rise of home computing in the 1970s and beyond? Take the interactive video quiz: B...
6 days ago
By Romina Mustone