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Trina Rimmer
We're thrilled to share that Storyline 2 is up for the 2015 People’s Choice Stevie Award for Favorite New Product. So if you love Storyline 2, we’d really appreciate y...
22 hours ago
By Trina Rimmer
Brian Gil
Hi all, You may have noticed a recent spike in spam activity in the community. This is something we take very seriously and have been working hard to solve it ever si...
28 minutes ago
By Brian Gil
Nicole Legault
I regularly get requests from various people with contract opportunities asking me to point them to a list of e-learning or instructional design freelancers.  If you'...
3 minutes ago
By Mark Anderson
eLearning mLearning
I am creating simulation for a software in storyline. This simulation has function keys interactivity - F2,F3,F10,F11. I was able to write trigger code - Jump to Slide...
25 minutes ago
By Brandon Tanguay
Courtney Keefe
Hi All, I'm looking for help. I've just opened a file that was about 6 months old and it was the first time it's been opened in Storyline 2 since our upgrade. The NEX...
35 minutes ago
By Mark Anderson
Nancy Kargel
I'm new and puzzled. A vendor created training for us with a tight timeline, and I've had to revise many slides. When I publish to Word, the slide image is correct but...
2 hours ago
By Nancy Kargel
maram sendi
Hi, How can I prevent the downloading of the content. I used Articulate and published the content as SCORM. For further clarification please see the attached screens...
3 hours ago
By maram sendi
Parashuram Vhaval
In my previous project I have been asked to have continuous loop music (with soft and lower volume) along with onscreen narrations. Another condition was, this loop sh...
3 hours ago
By Parashuram Vhaval
Bruce Graham
I suppose my approach was flawed from the start – I asked my 17 year old daughter (an enthusiastic “gamer”), how she would feel and react if in 4-5 years time she had ...
4 hours ago
By delian victoras
sam s
Hey All, Just a quick question on How to Choose the Right LMS I came to know about the new LMS software BIStrainer by trainanddevelop. This software is mostly used b...
6 hours ago
By sam s
David Anderson
Hey gang! It seems like every day someone's sharing a new scenario-based elearning example. I love how generous everyone in the community is with sharing their work. ...
7 hours ago
By David Anderson
Michaela Cheetham
Hi, I've got a question about the data provided in the results of the reports.  There seems to be inconsistencies in the amount viewed minute-by-minute... for example,...
7 hours ago
By Michaela Cheetham
Neha Jain
Hello, In the current course that I am builing, there are slides where the user must enter data. For this I have used the 'data entry' option. I also want the data to ...
8 hours ago
By Frances Jones
Jeff Kortenbosch
Hi Everyone, Had another creative lunch break today. These two characters popped into my mind today (don't ask me why?) and I brought them to live in PowerPoint. The...
10 hours ago
By Tanya Botha
Aimee Blewett
I am looking for some useful and reputable resources, for workplace research I am beginning, around the idea of quantifying the quality of an elearning training packag...
12 hours ago
By Aimee Blewett
Nadine Lacelle
Looking for a few free medical characters, or one character with a few different poses.  Anyone know where I might find some? Thx
14 hours ago
By Lauren Davidson
Dave Newgass
Hey all, Just a quick question to you....what LMS do you use and why?  I use Moodle 2.1.2 currently.  Why?  It seemed like a good idea at the time!  Now I'm frustrate...
20 hours ago
By Dave Newgass
Aleck Wilson
Hi there, I was wondering if anyone could help me with a problem I'm having.  I've created a course in Storyline 2 and in the course the user is required to click a s...
22 hours ago
By Ashley Terwilliger
Richard Lander
Hello, I'm thinking of using Storyline (which I haven't yet used) to develop an e-learning project with, amongst other things, the following features: the possibili...
22 hours ago
By Richard Lander
Suzanne Ashford
Hi everyone I am potentially looking at creating a module that contains 500+ slides. Can anyone recommend the kind of spec I would need equipment wise? I work on a l...
23 hours ago
By Bob S
nicky gallardo
hi, please help!! a) Is there a way for the scores that students receive on games and quizes to be loaded directly into our LMS ( which is Blackboard.)? Let's say the...
23 hours ago
By Bob S
Mike Williams
Hi everyone,   I am looking for a good resource to learn how to create more mobile-friendly training modules. Any suggestions?   Thanks in advance!   Mike
23 hours ago
By Mike Williams