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Jen Rhodes
Hello - I'm very new to e-learning and the Articulate programs.  I've used Studio to build my first e-learning module, and just got Storyline.  I have now been tasked ...
1 day ago
By Vivek Gandhi
David Anderson
Hey gang! We just announced this year's Articulate Guru contest. You can read more about it here and here. This is a great opportunity to get your best work in front ...
4 days ago
By Daniel Brigham
Nicole Legault
I recently posted an article about E-Learning Storyboards vs. Prototypes and I got asked this great question from community member Alyssa Gomez who asked: "I work on ...
1 hour ago
By John Nixdorf
Kai ...
Hey Guys,  A while back I saw a post on how someone created a course with a tracking feature. Not sure whether it was formed based or how it was done? I searched here...
1 hour ago
By Kai ...
Jerson  Campos
Hey everyone, I thought I post this up there to get some feedback from everyone. I just finished creating a new illustrated character  Some of you already know that I...
2 hours ago
By Gary Collins
Jeff Johnson
Hello Community! Quick Question - has any ever adapted an iteration of the Myers Briggs assessment into an eLearning module? I imagine users taking the assessment, on...
3 hours ago
By Jeff Johnson
Stephen Brodeur
When you are designing a course or module around an existing curriculum, do you start with the design or the content? I find myself starting with the design and then s...
3 hours ago
By Stephen Brodeur
Christen Clark
Hello all, The organization I work for is making our first foray into e-learning, after 40+ years teaching elementary-age children in classroom settings. We're still ...
4 hours ago
By gerry hopkins
john husband
Looking for someone who can assist with translating English Voice over to Italian and provide Italian voiceover. Pleaase email me at
9 hours ago
By john husband
John Toh
hi fellow members, just created couple of storyline samples and i would like to share with you guys, and hopefully to get some constructive feedback to improve my des...
10 hours ago
By Christopher Grant
Gaurav Goel
What should I recommend to my clients for mobile device support from long term perspective? What should be the criteria? Which features are planned for these two tools...
11 hours ago
By Puneet Shrivastava
Puneet Shrivastava
Dear Friends, When it comes to teaching school children, what do you find gets a teacher the best expected outcome? Teaching using an interactive CD (e/i-Books), or u...
11 hours ago
By Puneet Shrivastava
John Harker
Hello! I've been working on making assessments for a few different courses, so naturally the first idea I had was a Jeopardy style review game. I came here to find som...
12 hours ago
By alphonso hendricks
Stephanie Harnett
Hi all. I built a course earlier this year that contains a "notes" function to allow users to take a moment to reflect and type their thoughts on certain questions. Th...
13 hours ago
By Peter Elliott
David Anderson
OK, a few weeks ago you shared your elearning portfolios with us. We totally enjoyed seeing all the creative portfolios you shared.  Do you have a favorite project? O...
17 hours ago
By John Toh
Gemmma Wells
I have been asked to pull together some bite sized system training, basically we have a system that we need our agents to use and there are several steps they need to ...
21 hours ago
By Bob S
Ben Gianacakos
Just curious what services people have used for image packages before, think: Backgrounds Icons Things Computers Phones Desks I'm waiting to hear what...
21 hours ago
By Rachel Barnum
Tim Clark
Hey guys!   When I review my quiz after completing it all questions are marked as incorrect, regardless of whether or not I got them right AND even if I get 100% com...
22 hours ago
By Tim Clark
Daniel Brigham
Hi, and welcome to the "Freelance Heroes" thread, a place where Articulate Freelancers help each other. Got a question about freelancing? Or perhaps you have an e-lear...
23 hours ago
By Kai ...
Natalia Mueller
Hello E-Learning Rock Stars -  Does anyone know about about an online (and ideally FREE) jigsaw puzzle generator? A tutorial on how to make my own in PowerPoint would ...
23 hours ago
By Hope Grimes
Holly MacDonald
I had also coordinated our Vancouver Island group (I live half way in between). These were the topics that came up: Tech related: Audio Video Animation Javascri...
1 day ago
By Bryan Bugslag
Kantar Mert
Hi, This is my first post. First of all I want to say that I am learning great things with the help of this great community. I am 3th grade undergraduate student in I...
1 day ago
By Kantar Mert