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Nejc Žorga Dulmin
I created a simple menu that resides in the Master slide (and one layer in the Master slide). The first click opens the menu, the second click closes it. It is create...
5 hours ago
By Scott Lindstrom
Cheryl Hoover
Hi, everyone. I just got totally sidetracked on that "hacks" thread. I cannot believe the collective genius in this group! Thank you for sharing such great ideas. I'...
42 minutes ago
By Cheryl Hoover
Holly MacDonald
I had also coordinated our Vancouver Island group (I live half way in between). These were the topics that came up: Tech related: Audio Video Animation Javascri...
3 hours ago
By Pat Giommi
Vanessa M
Hello, My organization is considering utilizing Adobe Creative Cloud.  I was wondering if anyone had any experience with it and if so, what your thoughts are on it. ...
4 hours ago
By Michael Hinze
Heather Carbonara
Hello everyone! I am working on creating a new course and I want it to as interactive as possible.  Being that this is more of a "review" course I wanted to create al...
4 hours ago
By Troy Greer
Pip Fowler
Hi everyone, I am enjoying building a quiz-type game in Storyline, but am struggling with having the score appear at the top of the game board slide. I have created th...
5 hours ago
By Gustavo Angulo
Rhonda Shea
Hello hive, I want to create a custom template for Storyline 2 that utilizes the pan-tones and graphics that are part of my organization's brand. Hoe do I do this? Th...
5 hours ago
By Ionut Marin
Marie-Claude Milord
Hello! While importing a PPT presentation in Storyline, there is a dark grey color in the background of the "Comments window" that appears, which makes the text hard t...
5 hours ago
By Marie-Claude Milord
Neil Rupert
Hello all!   I do instructional design and web development. For webdev, I use Git for version control and sharing across teammates. What are some good resources from...
5 hours ago
By Neil Rupert
Tristan Hunt
Stumbled across this page this morning... A few sites I haven't seen before thought people might be interested in    
5 hours ago
By Rob Buchinski
Richmond Oliver
Hi all, I am fairly new to Storyline. I'm trying to create a pulley animation whereby when a user clicks on a particular gear/marker, it spins and opens up a new laye...
7 hours ago
By julia collins
Christancia Chotia
Hi all I am quite  new  to storyline. Almost in the final  stage of story boarding.  I am planning to create interactive questions where students will have to manual...
13 hours ago
By Christancia Chotia
Jordan Ash
Hi Heroes, I have been spending the past few weekends testing the game making capabilities of Storyline. I have tried to test this by recreating the classic video gam...
17 hours ago
By Joanne Chen
Rachel Barnum
I've seen learning objectives presented several different ways. Sometimes, the learning objectives live "outside" the course and only in the LMS. Sometimes, it's the v...
17 hours ago
By Zsolt Olah
Susan Stewart
Inevitably there will be a handful of  learners who get stuck in and are unable to finish a module.  Finding out why may be straightforward or it might be an exercise ...
19 hours ago
By Christy Tucker
jasmin ishak
Hi Heroes, I am in a process of building an online learning. I have converted a power point presentation slides into PDF files. I am guided by using steps which I fou...
20 hours ago
By jasmin ishak
Ashi Tandon
Hola everyone, Attached is a customizable PPT for business women. Feel free to use :) Ashi
21 hours ago
By Zachary Watt
Bill Clement
Hi there, I was just wondering if there is a way to compile the responses from short answer/essay quiz slides, which will be placed throughout my course, and populate...
22 hours ago
By Matthew Bibby
Vanessa Bye
I am wanting to create a roller coaster where each car of the train is a different perspective. Once the train hits the top to go down the hill, I want to have a pictu...
22 hours ago
By Wendy Farmer
Jordan Ash
Hi Heroes, I have just finished creating a new course using a moving panoramic background to navigate through the course.
23 hours ago
By Jordan Ash
Parashuram Vhaval
I have created these couple of image/text appearance animations in my free time. Let me know if you like it.
1 day ago
By Pawan Singh