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Mar 29, 2022

Hi All,

I challenged myself a bit recently and tried to learn a few Articulate Storyline features that I haven't used before. First of all I tried to build an actual "gamified" course. It's a numbers game that teaches the concept of 5S in Lean Manufacturing. I adapted it from a Pen & Paper exercise and build it within Storyline. I'm pretty sure Java Script or some coding experience would have made it a lot easier but it was a great exercise to figure out the logic with states, and variables. 

The second "new" thing for me was the use of an text-to-speech voice over. I used the AI generated voice overs from Speechelo. It came out quite alright, although still a little bit robotic.

The third challenge was to make the course more accessible. I haven't really used any features other than the "normal" design considerations (contrast, button size, font etc.). However I tried the "Captions" feature in Storyline which works really well. I like the simplicity of it.

Would appreciate any thought or improvement ideas from the community.  Would you classify the course as a "gamified" learning experience? What is the latest text-to-speech software you are using? 

What is 5S (

Thank you...

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Andreas Fischer

Thank you all for the feedback. The seekbar is a good suggestion. I'm always hesitant to use it as I don't like the look of it and it's somewhat distractive but it makes sense when using audio.

@Ron. I can't share the source file but I'm happy for you to share the link if it's of any use to your organisation.

Andreas Fischer

Hi Judy. I'm happy to share the Storyline file of the first few slides (see attachment). I used TRUE/False Variables for the voice selection. After the selection I had a branch to male and female. There are probably better ways of doing this but it was the easiest way for me.

James Castoro

This is first of all an incredible project, great job! Your interaction is very captivating and fun to go through!

As far as text to speech, we have used Speechelo as well in the past. About a year ago we switched over to and we have found the quality to be far superior to what we were previously getting from Speechelo. You can even upload samples of your own voices and it will generate a profile you can use for the output. We recently updated an e-learning and replaced only the audio that changed with a generated version of the original voice actor. You can't tell the difference; it even mimics the person's speech cadence.