Rise 360 Digital Workbook for Learner and Trainer

Mar 11, 2022

We are using Rise 360 to create digital workbooks for new hire learning paths.  Because of the pandemic some sites are still working from home while others are in the office.  The digital workbook is easy to use in a virtual or in-person learning environment.  Think of it like an old school binder that contained everything you ever needed to know as a new employee, but instead it's digital and it contains links to every resource you'd ever need, some self-paced eLearning, group activities, self-paced activates. 

We also have created a Digital Workbook for Trainers that contains all the materials they need to conduct a virtual or in-person learning.  The Digital Workbook provides them with guidance on how to facilitate with a Virtual Train-the-trainer video for every module so it's a wonderful way to ramp up new trainers to a subject as well.  The Digital Workbook also contains all the instructions for activities and any PowerPoints or videos that may be used in the training.

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