3D Model Embed: model-viewer - including AR!

Jun 09, 2023

Hi all,

Even though Sketchfab is a great way to embed 3D models into your Storyline 360 courses, sometimes you might just need a simpler approach, without having to worry about subscriptions etc.

model-viewer by Google is an excellent alternative:

Please see the following example (open on a mobile device to test AR):



Photo taken on iPhone 11 (AR):

Photo taken with iPhone 11

How to embed a model-viewer into Storyline:

  1. Insert > Video > Video from Website...
  2. Add your model-viewer embed code
  3. To allow embedding, include a 'dummy' <iframe> at the end (I tend to use width and height to set aspect ratio), i.e.
    <iframe src="" width="16" height="9" frameborder="0"></iframe>

I have included the project below.

Get in touch if you need more help implementing it!

PJ Palomaki
Digital Innovation Lead
AVT Connect, Brighton, UK

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