Playing Storyline blocks inline in Rise on mobile devices

Hi everyone

I’m building a course in Rise in which I added a few Storyline blocks.

When the course is used on a mobile phone, the Storyline blocks are black. Once the users taps the play button, the interaction launches full screen. When they want to continue in Rise, the X-button must be tapped first.

Our client is not very fond of the way this works. They are afraid it will confuse or distract the learners. A seamless mobile experience is really important to them.

I already contacted support and they told me there is no option available to play the Storyline blocks inline in Rise. But I was wondering if any of you found some kind of workaround? Maybe using JavaScript?

Or maybe someone with experience using JavaScript in Storyline is willing to offer their services as a freelancer on quite a short notice to help us with this problem?

Looking forward to hearing your ideas about this!


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