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My work requires me to create online learning modules in PowerPoint because of the delivery is in Distance Learning Class format using Adobe Connect. Is it possible to...
9 hours ago
By Tom Kuhlmann
I recently purchased 360 and like the Review tool. However I was just informed by a client that they won't accept courses posted via Review due to security issue...
1 day ago
By Vincent Scoma
Rebecca Freedman
I have other peers in my team that have Articulate Review 360 licenses as well. However, if I publish something to 360 Review they don't have access to see the comment...
1 day ago
By Vincent Scoma
Alain Gauthier
I show second letters capitalized in many titles in Articulate Review. However, they look like normal sentence case in Storyline. Anyone running into this issue?
2 days ago
By Lauren Connelly
sandy tranfaglia
Hi All, All of a sudden I cannot access Articulate Review from Articulate 360. And, when I publish a course to Articulate 360, it does not recognize my account. I chec...
3 days ago
By sandy tranfaglia
Keith Kemsley
Hi All, We have an intermittent problem with 360 Review. This happens primarily with Studio Courses. We have Course A and Course B loaded on 360 Review. We indicate th...
4 days ago
By Keith Kemsley
Jennifer Clarke
Hi - Two of our team are collaborating on a project and we're using Review to comment etc. Can both members publish to the same Review file so all versions/ comments a...
4 days ago
By Jana Godwin
Kim  Baker
Hi All, I have no idea why an animation will not start when the module is published to 360. Works fine in preview mode. I am pulling my hair out as I have ...
7 days ago
By Diane Fallier
Sabrina Knab
Does anyone experience the same? The zoom region works fine when previewing in Articulate 360, but does not work after publishing nor in Review. I need this to work in...
9 days ago
By Leslie McKerchie
marinetta demoss
Curious how long the links for others to review the module stays active. For instance, if someone found a link from a module 4 months ago, could he/she still acc...
10 days ago
By Phil Mayor
Danielle Riggi
My base layer has a screencast on it and I am trying to zoom in on a portion of the screencast. This was working fine up until this week when I updated Storyline...
10 days ago
By Danielle Riggi
Lee Rodrigues
I am working on a few videos. I received comments and I make the changes. Now I want to upload the newest version of the video and keep all my comments and simply upda...
10 days ago
By Matthijs Mensink
Tom Seguin
Hello, I suspect I know the answer to my question but would like confirmation. I am currently on an Articulate 360 trial. (Convinced my organiz...
10 days ago
By Tom Seguin
Mathilde Pluchart
Hello, I've published my project with Review 360 in order to allow my client to see the project and to write reviews. But the problem is that in my first scene, some ...
11 days ago
By Alyssa Gomez
Jeffrey Foster
Just wondering if anyone else has noticed audio and other issues with courses published to Review after updating with iPadOS. On my iPad Pro, the courses show bu...
14 days ago
By Ren Gomez
Nate Herrema
Our team has been encountering a recurring issue in Review 360 of graphics not displaying properly when courses are being viewed. For example the attached ...
16 days ago
By Katie (Gokhshteyn) Riggio
Gordon Wimpress
It seems like if you can make folders in Review 360, you should be able to share the entire folder, instead of having to give separate links to each published item.&nb...
16 days ago
By Leslie McKerchie
Hello. I keep being prompted I am not connected to the Internet despite being able to login to this forum. I can also go to the login page (, enter m...
16 days ago
By Leslie McKerchie
Bailey Kramp
Idea for review site: I don't really have a way of knowing when the SME is finished reviewing the education. It would be really cool if there was a way to tag a number...
17 days ago
By Bailey Kramp
Shane Burke
Hi, One of the reviewers I sent a link to has provided feedback but entered the wrong email address, so they are not receiving the notifications when anyone "@'...
17 days ago
By Shane Burke