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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Matt, great question!

When you publish content to Articulate Review, it will be published under your account with a new URL. That means that the comments from the old version won't carry over to the new version. 

It sounds like you need a feature that will allow those comments to carry over, so I'll let our team know what you'd like to see. Thanks for reaching out!

Matt McGuire

Hi Alyssa- Thanks for getting back to me!

Yes, it would be very helpful to import/export comments in this situation.  In my case, I had to republish under my account and my reviewers are having to use multiple screens to compare my changes to the original comments (and in some cases, it's been a couple months, so it's not like it's front and center in my reviewers' brains).  I don't know what that would look like, but it seems like it might work this way: 

 I upload my changes to Review.  I have an option to "Import Comments" and maybe use the url from the original course?  Then Review pulls the unresolved comments and imports them into my build.  Simple right? Like herding cats...

OR...maybe in the publish options in 360 give me the option to upload it to the original URL?