360 Review - Updating someone else's course

Dec 10, 2018

Hello Articulate Community-

I have a situation where I have inherited a course from someone who left the company.  I want to publish a new version of the course, but keep the comments from the old version so the content reviewers can see the changes that were made.  Is there a way to do that? 


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Lauren Connelly

Hi everyone!

I wanted to share that we just released Team Folders for Review 360! You can now create shared team folders in Review 360 to organize your content and assign permissions. This also includes allowing multiple authors to publish new versions of the content you shared in these folders for better collaboration.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Teresa Vanderpost

HI Lauren, thanks for updating here and on one of my original posts as well.  I selected the Review 360 link in your post but it isn't showing me exactly how teams works, it is showing all the information on comments, feedback and resolving.

Is there a video we can watch to see this in action. I see the Team Beta item on my Review 360 and I would really like to test it out with a colleague, and I assume this will work for our Rise files and Storyline files? Meaning if I publish a RISE file to review and put it under TEAM she can see it and she could publish and the review link stays the same?  This is if I am understanding this correctly.



Sharon Barringer

It looks like you need to create a folder under the Team Beta section. You can then apply edit permissions to that folder and move content into it which is then shared with the editors. That being said, it looks like the only person who can move or delete FROM the shared folder is the owner/person who moved it there originally.

Teresa Vanderpost

Thanks Barry and Sharon, hopefully they can provide a video and if you figure it out yes please share.

And I see how I am the owner of the folder and my colleague is the editor.  Not sure how the files get in there, is it a drag and drop, as when I select new file it is going to my drives on my computer.  But I am assuming we are putting a review 360 published file in here so my colleague could publish it for me with the same link....

Will wait and hopefully get a video/update :)

Cheers all!

Sharon Barringer

I believe you move a course/lesson from the Personal section of your My Content page of Review (clicking on the 3 dots on the right of the course in question and selecting Move To from the drop-down menu) to the new Shared folder under Team. When your colleague goes to that folder, they will see the course, and will have an option (also via the 3 dots) to Upload New Version. I've not tried this yet, so I don't know how that part of the workflow goes.