360 Review - Updating someone else's course

Dec 10, 2018

Hello Articulate Community-

I have a situation where I have inherited a course from someone who left the company.  I want to publish a new version of the course, but keep the comments from the old version so the content reviewers can see the changes that were made.  Is there a way to do that? 


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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Matt, great question!

When you publish content to Articulate Review, it will be published under your account with a new URL. That means that the comments from the old version won't carry over to the new version. 

It sounds like you need a feature that will allow those comments to carry over, so I'll let our team know what you'd like to see. Thanks for reaching out!

Matt McGuire

Hi Alyssa- Thanks for getting back to me!

Yes, it would be very helpful to import/export comments in this situation.  In my case, I had to republish under my account and my reviewers are having to use multiple screens to compare my changes to the original comments (and in some cases, it's been a couple months, so it's not like it's front and center in my reviewers' brains).  I don't know what that would look like, but it seems like it might work this way: 

 I upload my changes to Review.  I have an option to "Import Comments" and maybe use the url from the original course?  Then Review pulls the unresolved comments and imports them into my build.  Simple right? Like herding cats...

OR...maybe in the publish options in 360 give me the option to upload it to the original URL?

A Cherry
Tracy Windsor

Has anything been done about this? I'm having the same issue and would love to see this feature. I added to the 'new feature' area, but not sure my request went through.

I second this! Has anything been done to update this functionality in a year since it was requested? It would also be nice if there was a way to see the comments within Storyline itself while you are working on the project...

Katie Riggio

Hi there, folks!

No updates on Review 360 folder enhancements as of yet, but we recognize that it's a popular topic. Our team is actively exploring this area, and your input is super valuable in the process!

P.S. for Tracy: I don't see a Feature Request submission under your info, but no worries! I'm going to share your comment in our report for you. 

Shannon Connor

It doesn't seem like Articulate Review has been much improved since it first came out. The ability to publish to one central location is necessary, despite the author or paid license. Even the team license doesn't do this. The biggest complaint I have and receive about AR is the archaic navigation. Having to switch between Feedback and Review for a course with 100+ comments is crazy. My clients keep asking me if there's a better way and I have to sheepishly tell them no. The ability to remove a prior version is necessary. The ability to click on a comment and take us directly to the slide is necessary. The ability to come back to comment in Feedback view is necessary. And when we get an email notification about a comment, how about including the whole thread so it makes sense and being able to click the link in the email and take us right to the slide in AR? I've been feature requesting the heck out of all of this for years and nothing seems to improve. 

Ren Gomez

Hi Shannon,

Thanks for sharing your insight on Review 360. It sounds like you'd like to see improvements in:

  • File and folder management for teams: having a central location for ease of access
  • Options for Managing feedback: Remove prior versions, having direct access to slides from comment links, holistic views on comments

I appreciate you taking the time to submit feature requests on this tool, and I want you to know it matters! While we don't have current plans to address these features, I'd like to help push for them by highlighting them in our report as well as bringing it up to my team.

Shannon Connor

Hi Ren, thanks for your response. I am gobsmacked that these feature requests aren't on current plans to be addressed. They're kind of a no-brainer. I've been (naively) assuming these were being worked on because of how obvious they are. I don't mean to be offensive by saying that, but I really am incredulous.  

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi all, 

I don't have an update on Review 360 folder improvements just yet, but I did want to share the latest feature which I hope helps with your searching and organization of content. 

We've added Product Filters to Review 360!

You can now easily sort your Review 360 Dashboard based on Storyline 360, Rise 360, Studio 360, or video projects, as shown in this article: 

Let us know what other new features you'd like to see in Review 360 here. 

Kyra Whitworth

In the same vein as this, it would be extremely helpful to be able to publish anyone's review360 course in my organization to Rise360. This way there is only one controlled version in review that is linked to Rise. Right now I have to download the storyline file from my collaborator, publish in my review, then link vs just linking the review file they have already published. 

Sharon Barringer

This is an ongoing issue for my team as well. Part of our maintenance process is course owners requesting their courses be published to Review 360 so they can submit required updates. However, the ISD who publishes the course to Review 360 is rarely the one who has bandwidth to make the changes however many days/weeks later. So we end up losing the comments when the editing ISD republishes and creates a new link for course owners to approve the changes. Even if we export the comments and send them to the reviewer as a PDF or spreadsheet, it's immensely cumbersome. There should definitely be a way to import comments.

Samantha Kiln

I'm adding my name to the list here on being able to update a previous version created by someone else. My colleague is on maternity leave and I'm updating projects she started, so this feature would help us enormously! I see its appearing on the Roadmap, so am keeping my fingers crossed it won't be long!

Teresa Vanderpost

I would like to chime in as well.  I was just on vacation for a few weeks and my colleague and I have been working on 7 modules, but now she had to republish to a new link for the ones I developed.  If we are all on one team, updates should just go to one central Review link repository.  This can truly become a version control nightmare.  We are keeping them straight by labelling the newer versions with dates and initials.

Kari McKay

I might as well add my comments as well. I'm currently working on a Rise course that someone else created and I'm making some tweaks for release 2. He still has ownership, so when I published, I got a new review link. OK, not the best experience, but I thought, we'll just say that for release 2, this is the new review link. However, when I made changes and then went to republish, it won't let me publish to the new review link that I just created; it forces me to create a brand new link. That's insane. Even though I give my SMEs the new link (and then the new, new link), they don't understand that it's changing each time and comment that they don't see my changes. 

Please, please raise the priority of this ticket.