Lettered Lists?

Jun 14, 2017

I'd like to make a lettered list:




I thought I would be able to add a numbered list and change 1 to A, etc. But that isn't working for me. Am I missing something or is that not currently available?



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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Aaron,

You can change the numbers in the Numbered List block to be any number you like. Adam shows us how right here

For now, you can only use numerical characters in a Numbered List, but I can see how using letters would give you more flexibility. I'll pass your idea along to my team--thanks for letting us know what you'd like to see!

Teresa Vanderpost

Any chance this is an easy fix for Articulate?  I too would like a lettered list and the shapes of the numbered list makes so much sense and would be a quick way to do it.  Thanks Karl for the table idea, but after 5 years let's hope articulate could make it happen so you can put any type of character in the list item field. :)


I'm new to rise, impressed with it's balance of simplicity with functionality.  There are some limitations that make sense as tradeoffs for a tool that, out of the box, does quite a good job, but this particular gap seems very out of character with the rest of the application.  Also disappointing to see such 'low hanging fruit' go unaddressed for so long (noting this thread is over 6 years old).

Nonetheless - adding another vote for alpha-ordered lists.  Would be much appreciated!