Introducing Enhanced Quote and List Blocks

May 21, 2024

Similar to our work on statement blocks, we're back with enhanced formatting options for quote and list blocks! Our goal is to give you even more control over how your training looks, with options to change the spacing, remove avatars, and more.

quote on image

For quote blocks, we’ve added formatting options beyond content width and block padding formatting. You can now adjust the padding between the text and avatar, change the alignment, toggle the display of the quotation block and avatar, and adjust the size of the avatar. For quotes on image blocks, you can also make the overlay light or dark to emphasize your text. 

list block

List blocks also get an important tweak: the addition of bullet indent spacing, which lets you adjust the distance between your bullets and text.  

This is just the beginning! We're working on even more formatting options for more blocks and can’t wait to bring those to you soon. In the meantime, let us know how you feel about these new quote and list block formatting features in the thread below. What else are you hoping to see from enhanced block formatting?

We're looking forward to your feedback.

6 Replies
Tim St. Clair

I didn't see the option to turn off the quote mark on Quote C before, but there it is. Thanks for pointing it out.

If there was a feature I'd like, it would be to be able to choose the quote C style be used on the quote carousel - or introduce a "Image & Text Carousel".

Image & Text has its limitations - if the image is smaller than 25% of the width, it leaves a lot of spacing. Quote C (without the background) lets you have an image and text like effect with a smaller image and far less gap between the image and text block, and also that the image alignment of Image & Text is centered against the text, whereas Quote C is top-aligned (visible with longer text). But then Quote C looks terrible on mobile.